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This site is not meant to guilt you into doing “the right thing.” Personally I hate to be told what to do and I am not about to go down that road.

I started this website to cut through the minutia and give you well-researched information on the topic of recycling and the benefits of recycling. Once you have the information you can make an informed decision about what to do with what you have learned.

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I have also featured the video, Spinning to a Stop (below), because I believe it raises important questions about topics like global warming, alternative forms of energy, water conservation, responsibility, and green living solutions. The video also reminds us that this is a time in our evolution for opportunities. These opportunities come through awareness, and from there our consciousness is able rise – individually as well as collectively.

If you liked the video and appreciated the message please visit YouTube, leave a comment, and pass it on to anyone (and everyone) you know. Even if we reach one person who starts to live in a more conscious way, it will be worthwhile. And my wholehearted “Thank You!” goes out to you for your time and effort.
Raising Consciousness Through Consideration and Gratitude
We’ve all heard that recycling benefits the environment. And, it is true; recycling does offer many benefits that create a gentler impact on the earth. I don’t know about you but I sure am grateful when I receive a little support from the Universe. And our planet, I am certain, is equally grateful when we treat her with some consideration.

Bring a Curious and Open Mind

With that in mind, there are some questions presented here we intend to take on. Both sides of the environmental issues will be addressed. So no worries about being dished out a helping of what you need and what you should do. We urge you to come to your own conclusions.

When you look through this site you will notice that it is divided up into categories that pertain to giving a little support to this world we mutually inhabit.
global warming is real
Recycling is featured because it is important and it is familiar. We have all heard that we should not toss our paper cups and plastic water bottles in with the rubbish.

But why is it so detrimental?

How exactly do we dispose of waste?

Which companies are recycling conscious?

What kinds of materials can be recycled

The Matter of Energy

Besides the whole recycling issue we will talk about solutions to our energy crisis. It is common knowledge that the planet is being sucked dry of its natural resources to keep up with the needs (and wants) of the increasing population. Because of this we have gathered information taken from the most current sources on what is available in alternative energy.

Which alternative energy companies are trying to make a difference?

What kinds of advances are being made in manufacturing alternative energy vehicles?

How does solar energy work?

How is our ecology affected?

Where do sustainability and composting fit into the equation for a healthier environment?

Got Water?

Another issue that is near and dear to my heart is water conservation. When supplying ways to be kind to the earth it seems appropriate to shed some light on this tossed about, but misunderstood topic.
living green in Australia

When you consider that 70 per cent of the earth’s surface is water, it is curious to hear that we need to think about conserving water.

I live on a continent that is particularly challenged by the issue of water conservation so every effort will be made to bring you fresh insights on this important topic.

From My Home to Yours

I am from Australia, and even though this site is meant for the world, I have a deep affinity with my country.

For this reason I will supply pages on this site directly relating to Australia. Benefits-Of-Recycling is constantly growing and evolving as the earth changes and grows.

A Special Note to Students

Since I started this website in March of 2009, I have received tens of thousands of visits from students using the information on these pages for their research for papers. They also want to know how to source these pages.

I am extremely grateful that Benefits-of-Recycling has become a place that people can look to as an authority, and in an effort to be of further service to these hardworking students I have provided a page on this site to direct people to source information for the content.

For this resource information please go the Source Information For Researchers and Students page.


Benefits-of-Recycling.com is one the most comprehensive information-packed websites on the planet offering a myriad of ways to live green, while also providing news and updates on what other companies and organizations are doing. Because of this we receive tens of thousands of visitors every month. And this number is growing exponentially every month!

Because this site is relatively young (4 year old as of March 2013), now is a great time to get affordable advertising space for your environmentally-friendly products and/or services. To hear more about advertising opportunities please check out the Advertising Your Green Business page.

Thank You

I invite you to look around and if there are issues that are not addressed here relating to benefits of recycling, alternative power, water conservation, or other creative ways we can be kind to the earth, please drop a line on the contact us page.

Thank you for visiting Benefits-Of-Recycling.com. The more visits we receive the more we are able to supply excellent, up-to-date information on all the topics that affect the health of our planet and, ultimately, our existence.

And remember… It is not just what I will do to save the earth, it is what we all must do, if we all do something positive, no matter how small, those positives added together will bring about the earth’s revival.

Kind Regards,
Paul Harrison