Alternative Energy Companies

Since the mid 1950s, no new energy source has been discovered. And yet we live in an age where we are using more energy then ever. As we search for renewable and long-lasting energy sources, it is companies that work to produce products using alternative forms of energy that are the groundbreakers. These companies research and develop technology so that our world has a better shot at preserving its valuable resources.

These ground-breaking companies have been growing in numbers over the past few years. There has been an upswing in the number of environmentally conscious organizations approaching companies to solve our energy issues.

Here are some of the alternative energy companies that are making the world take notice with their exploratory ventures:

  1. Alternative Energy Companies / VESTAS WIND SYSTEMS

alternative energy companiesVestas Energy Systems is the world’s leading supplier of wind power solutions in the world. Their profile includes designing, manufacturing, selling, erecting and servicing wind turbines. This Danish company holds 23% of the market share.

The company has around 38,000 wind turbines installed in plants in around 63 countries across globe. These include Australia, India, China, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Britain, Spain, Sweden and Norway. Vestas was voted ‘Top Green Company of 2006.’

Vestas has a bright future as the wind power industry is expanding at a fast pace. According to an estimate (by Forbes), ‘In 2015, more than $100 billion in wind turbines could be sold and shipped around the world.’

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2. Alternative Energy Companies / NOVOZYMES

aternative energy companies 1Novozymes is a biotech based company and is a world leader in bio-innovations. Novozymes uses biotechnology in helping industries to improve their processes and quality, and save energy, water, raw materials and waste.

This Denmark based company markets around 700 different products worldwide. There are three types of biotechnology that they work with – enzymes, microorganisms and bio-pharmaceutical ingredients.

Enzymes are used mainly in bio-fuel production; microorganisms are used for cleaning, wastewater treatment and plant care; biopharmaceuticals are used in pharmaceuticals and research.

This company is dedicated to giving ample resources to research and development in the alternative energy areas. It is currently working on producing second-generation bioethanol that will convert agriculture and other waste into energy.

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3. Alternative Energy Companies / POET

alternative energy companies 2POET Energy is a South Dakota, USA based company. It is the largest manufacturer of ethanol in the world. Its yearly production is approximately one billion gallons of ethanol.

The company is also a leader in the field of biorefining industry and invests in research and development, project development and design and construction of the same.

The company, founded in 1984, has a network of 26 plants across 7 states in the US.  Apart from ethanol, this company also produces a high quality brand of dried distillers grains, Dakota Gold.

Ethanol production is a growing market. The volume of renewable fuels required to be blended with gasoline is expected to be increased by various governments throughout the world. POET Energy has taken the lead in bringing this renewable fuel to the forefront.

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4. Alternative Energy Companies /  A 123

A123 is a producer of high-power lithium-ion (lithium-iron phosphate) batteries. A123 is a Massachusetts, USA based company.

What makes them different from other lithium-ion battery manufacturers is that they use nano-scale lithium-iron phosphate modified with trace metals in the electrodes.

This nano-scale electrode technology increases the battery power. In fact this technology, built on developments by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is a proprietary of A123.

A123 is working with GM for their hybrid cars, like the Chevy Volt. Hybrid electric vehicles are gaining popularity. Their growth can give a major boost to A123’s Li-ion batteries.

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5. Alternative Energy Companies / FIRST SOLAR

alternative energy companies 4First Solar is another US-based company working in the field of solar energy. It is world’s largest manufacturer of thin-film cells.

This company’s photovoltaic solar modules use an advanced thin film semiconductor. This significantly lowers solar electricity cost.

The aim of First Solar is to offer alternative and renewable energy at affordable prices, thereby lessening dependency on conventional energy.

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6. Alternative Energy Companies / GEODYNAMICS

alternative energy companies 5

Geodynamics is dedicated to developing renewable energy from Hot Fractured Rocks (HFR or heat from earth or geothermal energy).

This Australia based company works on drilling deep-seated granite systems sites in Central Australia and Hot Fractured Rocks at New South Wales and at the northeastern part of South Australia.

Geodynamics is actually a pioneer in both its field and in Australia’s alternative energy initiatives.

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It is projected that by the year 2025, the demand for energy will double. That is why it is important to recognize the need for alternative forms of energy.

Given this forecast, traditional fossil fuels simply aren’t enough. The work that alternative energy companies, like those mentioned on this page, are doing is not only admirable, but also necessary for our survival. We can do our part to support the cause of these forward thinking companies, by taking advantage of all the various products available that help to conserve energy.


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