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Aluminum Recycling Prices / The Stats

One of the most common statistics stated about aluminum recycling is that Americans throw away enough aluminum every three months to rebuild the entire national commercial air fleet.

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Imagine that amount of wasted resource! This makes it obvious and imperative that recycling saves natural resources and reduces the environmental impact of the solid waste posed by discarding what can be a valuable resource.

Aluminum recycling is a process by which discarded aluminum is collected, reprocessed, and reused in products after its initial production. The process is quite simple it merely involves re-melting the scraps of aluminum. This process is far less expensive and consumes far less energy than extracting new aluminum from bauxite ore through the Bayer process which uses electrolysis. Recycling aluminum from scraps and discards uses only about 5 percent of the energy required to manufacture new aluminum.

Aluminum recycling has been a common practice since the early 1900’s and was quite widespread and intensive during World War II. Since aluminum does not lose any of its important properties or damage the metal’s structure it can then be recycled indefinitely.

Aluminum Recycling Prices / Is Aluminum Economically Feasible?

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Aluminum recycling is economically beneficial to both the aluminum and recycling industry. The capital cost for the production of recycled aluminum is already recognized to be far lower than making new aluminum.

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The financial benefit has also spurred the development of the recycling program.

The price of scrap aluminum has fluctuated in the market but its traditionally high value has generated enough income for the recycling program to subsidize other less lucrative recycling programs like PET and glass.

Aluminum cans are the poster child of the recycling movement. This is by far the most valuable component in the solid waste stream.

The aluminum can is also the most recognized recyclable item among household waste.

Aluminum cans are also the financial drive behind most municipal and private recycling programs. Prices can and do fluctuate in conjunction with the price of new aluminum but the price of aluminum scrap has always been high when compared to other recyclable items.

Aluminum Recycling Prices / How does aluminum breakdown?

Here is a list of the current prices of various kinds of scrap aluminum.

Old Mixed Aluminum 0.29 0.38 lbs USD
Utensil Aluminum 0.37 0.49 lbs USD
Aluminum Turnings 0.14 0.27 lbs USD
Aluminum Extrusions 0.89 1.04 lbs USD
Low Copper Aluminum 0.87 1.02 lbs USD
Litho Sheets 0.86 1.01 lbs USD
Cast Aluminum 0.83 0.98 lbs USD
Clean Painted Aluminum 0.22 0.44 lbs USD
Painted Aluminum Insulated 0.08 0.16 lbs USD
Coated Aluminum 0.38 0.76 lbs USD
Used Beverage Cans (UBC loose) 0.28 0.55 lbs USD
Shredded UBC 0.67 0.82 lbs USD
Baled UBC 0.70 0.85 lbs USD
Briquetted UBC 0.72 0.87 lbs USD
New Beverage Can Stock 0.78 0.93 lbs USD
Remelt Aluminum Ingot 0.60 0.75 lbs USD
Remelt Aluminum Sows 0.64 0.79 lbs USD
Mixed Irony Aluminum 0.14 0.27 lbs USD
Low Grade Irony Aluminum 0.04 0.11 lbs USD
Auto Transmissions 0.12 0.24 lbs USD
Aluminum Auto Rads 0.21 0.35 lbs USD
Insulated Aluminum Wire 0.28 0.55 lbs USD
Supported Aluminum Cable 0.32 0.63 lbs USD
Bare Aluminum Wire 0.83 0.98 lbs USD
Aluminum Auto Wheels 0.56 0.76 lbs USD
Aluminum Nodules 1.00 1.20 lbs USD
Alumifoil 0.33 0.65 lbs USD
Paperbacked Alumifoil 0.03 0.11 lbs

Aluminum Recycling Prices / How does aluminum breakdown?

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