Australia Water Conservation Programs

Australia is presently categorized as a high-risk area for water deficiency. This country has fewer water resources as a result of low rains, global warming and environmental stress.

australia water conservation programs In cities like Sydney and Melbourne many programs are being carried out such as getting rebates for buying water tanks from Rainwater Tanks Direct to help people understand the importance of water conservation and to let them know which solutions and methods that they can employ to conserve this vital resource.Citizens of all the areas are being encouraged to promote the conservation of water.

A large number of water conservation programs are being carried out at various levels to spread the awareness about water management and methods to conserve water in schools, homes and businesses.

The picture above represents The water source beneath one-fifth of Australia. Photo is by Garry.-

Australia Water Conservation Programs / Government Out-Reach

1-City Efficiency Programs -Melbourne
Water conservation programs in different cities have resulted in huge water conservation as compared with previous years. People are encouraged to reduce water consumption while they are outdoors and indoors. One of the main contributors to spread the awareness about water conservation at city level is ACTEWGL.

Citizens are being encouraged to take part in water surveys to learn about their water consumption and are given different tips accordingly to save more water.

2- Australian Conservation Water and Reuse Program
This program was started in 2003 to necessitate the water conservation in urban areas and to emphasize the reuse of water by finding ways and having firm policies regarding water recycle.

3- Australia Water Conservation and Reuse Research Program

The water conservation program is specially designed to find ways of using the sewage water for irrigation and reducing the level of pollutants that enter the soil and make it infertile. The main focus is to save the clean water. Funds are also allocated on drainage quantity and quality management.

A large number of programs are being carried out to spread the awareness about water conservation and to encourage the people (especially children) to save the water by using wisely and taking advantage of alternative methods. The children who conserve water and motivate others to do so are presented with water saving awards and incentives.

Australia Water Conservation Programs / Reaching Out To Kids

Schools Water Efficiency Program.

This program in Victoria targets schools, and its involvement reaches deep within the surrounding communities. When schools sign up for this program an evaluator comes to that school and does an analysis of how well the teachers and students are doing in their water conservation opportunities. A report is given after the evaluation, in which detailed points are given to help improve their scores.

Make you water mark! / Watersaver Education Program.

This program which is being carried out in South-East Queensland focuses on four specific points:
1. Respecting water as a precious resource
2. Discovering the sources of our water supply
3. Implementing wise water techniques
4. Finding alternative sources of water

Water Corporation of Western Australia.

This corporation provides a water focused website which has sections for teachers and students. Besides giving practical information on how to conserve water, and explaining why water conservation is important, fun water facts are given. The idea behind this program is to provide a way for the process of acting consciously to be an enjoyable experience.

BlueScope Tank a Day Challenge.

This program, targeting youngsters, presents information on the importance of water conservation in the form of a game. The website, which explains the challenge, is created with colorful characters and inviting scenes meant to engage kids. The prize for conserving water and being responsible is a water tank for their respective schools.

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