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Recycling is a healthy habit that is catching on all over the world.

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And the benefits of recycling are more than helping the environment. For those that participate in the practice of recycling, cash is an immediate reward for your efforts.

the picture on the left represents a recycling machine in Denmark. Photo is by Rex Roof.

Scandinavian countries, are among the most highly regarded places when it comes to turning cans and other recyclables into cash.

In Norway, for example, a whopping 92% of all cans and 82% of plastic bottles are converted. There numerous ways recycling plastic bottles and beverage cans, that are very popular in these environmentally friendly countries.

One needs to simply insert the used bottle or the can into the designated recycling receptacle. And upon receipt of the can or bottle, the recycling machine prints a slip. The slip is presented to redeem cash.

Cash For Recycling Cans / A Green Exchange

Green cities like those in Denmark and Norway make it easy to find these type of recycling-for-cash machines; they are located inside or outside of most shops and next to many gas stations in the surrounding areas. And if there is no actual machine many times all that is required is to take the used plastic bottle or aluminum can (or other metal) to the cash register of the store (or gas station) and you will receive some cold hard cash in return – cash for recycling cans made easy.

For instance, in Denmark people receive up to DKK 3.00 and Sweden offers up to SEK 2.50. And in Norway one receives NOK 4.50 for large bottles and cans.

Cash For Recycling Cans / Recycle Bank

There is an organization called Recycle Bank which will give you gift certificates for food and pharmacy items if you participate in their recycling program. Recycle Bank not only accepts metal cans, but plastic water bottles, glass, cardboard, and other materials that can be recycled. And you don’t even need to sort them.

recycling truckThis wise organization knows that many people understand that recycling is important and would like to recycle but don’t because they feel it is too much work. So now there’s no excuse.

-Photo to the left is by So Cal Metro.-

Recycle Banksupplies a bin for those that participate in this green program.

They have a computer chip that is attached to each bin so that they are aware how many recyclable materials each household is contributing.

And because they know you don’t want to search for a recycling center, they have a truck that drives by your home and picks up and weighs your recyclables. Currently this program is offered in the United States – in Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, Connecticut, Vermont, Nebraska, Maine, and New Jersey.

People love to participate in this program, because the organizers have made it so easy to recycle. In the cities that are involved there has been an increase of between 100% and 1000% in recycling efforts. This program is expected to expand to Minneapolis and Dallas later this year.

Cash For Recycling Cans / Australia

There seems to be a renewed feeling among Australians that recycling is important and that new programs are needed to a light a fire under those that have not yet jumped on the recycling bandwagon.

cash for cansAccording to the Clean Up Australia, “Almost 4.7 million, or 83 per cent of people in NSW surveyed by Newspoll supported the introduction of a refund scheme for bottles and cans, while 89 per cent, or almost 5 million people agreed that companies that make drink cans and bottles should help set it up.”

Clean Up Australia, Chairman Ian Kiernan AO, also had this encouraging news to report, “Improving recycling rates would also help each NSW household reduce the almost one tonne (0.9 tonne) of greenhouse gas emissions they produce each year by sending waste to landfill.

A refund scheme in South Australia has proven its worth and if run together with the kerbside recycling councils offer there would be a big change to what turns up year after year in our waterways, parks and roadsides.

Let’s bring back the seventies, when cash for cans was hugely popular and community organisations could raise badly needed funds by setting up collection depots. It’s a win-win for the environment and the economy.”
Cash For Recycling Cans / The Time is Now

Whether you call Australia your home or the United States or Norway or Africa it really doesn’t matter. Our daily habits and those of our neighbors affect every single person, plant, animal and living organism on the plant. The older the planet gets, the smaller the world gets, it seems.

So, the next time you open a can of corn or drink a bottle of water, pause to think of where the receptacle you are holding will wind up. And think about how, with a little effort on your part, that can or bottle could be remanufactured into a piece of art rather than being piled atop a mountain of trash at the nearest landfill.

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