Composting For Kids

It has been rightly said that today’s children are tomorrow’s future. Thus, it is vital that we include the children in our efforts to protect and restore the environment. Educating kids about composting is surely a great way to start with. Gardening and kids are a natural mix.

Composting teaches very valuable lessons to children. They learn to recycle and reuse materials in an earth-friendly activity. It also involves dirt, digging, and water–favorite children’s activities.

Composting For Kids / What’s Compost

Compost is the end product of the composting process. Composting is a cheap, effective and environmentally friendly method of producing compost from various materials such as food waste, manure, worms, pet waste, paper, grass, newspaper, coffee grounds, etc. into usable fertilizer.

Composting For Kids / Valuable Lessons

Composting teaches very valuable lessons to children. They learn to recycle and reuse materials in an earth-friendly activity. It also involves dirt, digging, and water–favorite children’s activities.

Teaching composting to kids can be a tricky job. It requires some special efforts to make kids learn the true value of composting. Mentioned below are some important tips in this regard.

Use visual media:

Visuals undoubtedly are the best way to inculcate a love for composting. Make use of pictures, PowerPoint presentations and other technical devices you can use. While teaching, make use of words that help the kids visualize the scenario of composting. The idea is to encourage the children into imagining the whole process.

Give a complete demonstration:

The demonstration will be able to teach volumes to the children, way more than any discussion can. Seeing the actions in real time will also eliminate most of the doubts and they will be able to present their questions as you do your demo.

Let kids do the most and interfere only if necessary:

The main purpose for educating them on composting is to have them equipped with the skills they need to be able to do composting themselves. So, seeing them do the composting, even on a small pit for beginners, may help you see where potential problems may lie.

Discuss benefits from the start so that kids can know the real need for composting:

If the children are oriented from the outset that what they are doing has great significance, they are more likely to cooperate and do the tasks cheerfully. Ensure that you are fully able to help them understand how composting helps the environment and how it will make a positive difference to a majority of people.

Entertain all queries and give sufficient time to answering each question:

Kids can get easily discouraged. So make sure that you are able to reserve judgment and entertain questions, no matter how “stupid” or minor they may seem to you.

Encourage  feedback:

Children can get opinionated about things that they like. Engage them even further by getting feedback from them from time to time. Also, ask them and encourage them to ask their questions. Organizing quizzes is another effective method to test the progress of kids.

Composting For Kids / The 3 R’s

The efforts of parents and teachers to educate children about environmental issues and the three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) will go a long way to improving the planet for future generations. Just remember to encourage children for every form of progress made, no matter how small it is; this will build their confidence in a big way.


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