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Copper is a mineral that is found in the Earth’s crust. It is a ductile metal that has high thermal and electrical conduction properties. copper recycling prices Pure copper is soft and malleable and a newly exposed surface has as somewhat pink or peachy color. Copper is used as an

electrical conductor, thermal conductor, and as a constituent of various alloys. –Photo to the left is by KA Goldberg.- All higher animal and plant life need copper as an essential trace nutrient. In humans and animals it is found in tissues and bone with concentrations in the liver, muscle, and bones. Copper also functions as a co-factor in various enzymes. Copper has been used by mankind for thousands of years as an uncompounded metal. Evidence still exists of the use of copper in early civilizations. Reserves of copper are still sizeable but will not be able to sustain present rates of consumption. In 2000 up to the present high demand relative to supply has caused prices to rise sharply.

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The prices of scrap copper vary depending on the kind of scrap. Die cast parts are the most desirable bringing up to 25 dollars per pound. -Photo to the left is by Inkyfingerz.- Scraps from generators and electrical motors are bought by metal salvage yards for up to 10 dollars per pound. Number 1 wire can bright up 2.50 per pound. The dark side of copper recycling is the increasing amount of thefts and vandalism of air conditioners, tubing and conduits for new homes and construction sites. An awareness of the value of discarded industrial and automotive scrap can encourage individuals and organizations to an increase in recycling activities. These recycling activities will not only be economically viable but will be an enormous factor in preserving the environment. Recovered, reprocessed, and recycled metals can save millions of dollars in industrial and automotive manufacturing and will go a long way in the preservation of non-renewable resources. Copper Recycling Prices / Why Recycle Copper There are several reasons why it is desirable to recycle copper. These are some of them. 1. Recycled copper is worth up to 90 percent of the cost of the original copper. It is also cheaper to recycle copper than it is to mine and extract new copper. Recycling helps keep the cost of copper products down. 2. Up to the present only about 12 to 13 percent of known deposits have been extracted and used but copper is a non-renewable resource and deposits can be used up. It makes a lot of sense to preserve existing resources. 3. Recycling one ton of copper saves fifteen percent of the energy used in extracting and producing the same amount of virgin copper. Less energy used means a saving in fossil fuels that are also non-renewable. Less energy used also means less emission of greenhouse gases into the environment. There are other reasons for recycling copper like landfill costs and the environmental costs of mining but these can be considered as the major reasons. Sources Find a place to recycle your copper near you… Local Denver Australia / For copper recycling prices near you just put the phrase, copper recycling prices ‘your area’ in your search engine search bar. Or go to For more information on the importance of recycling follow these links: Aluminum Recycling Prices More Recycling Prices Cash For Recycling Cans European Metal Recycling Recycling Cell Phones Recycling Old Computers Recycling Ink Cartridges Recycling Metals Recycling Paper Recycling Plastic Bottles PET Recycling Styrofoam Recycling Recycling Tires Recycling Water Recycling For Kids

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