Ecology Problems

It’s difficult to think and talk ‘green‘ without thinking about ecology and our ecosystem. But how we we define ecology?

What is the history of ecology… how about ecology trends and the problems associated with ecology? All these questions and more are important if one wants to venture into living green and helping the environment. So if this describes at least one of your life goals, you are at the right place.

Ecology Problems / The Power of Resistance

There’s an ecological crisis when the resistance of an environment or a specie or a population changes in an unfavorable way to survive perturbations that get in the way with the ecosystem, landscape or the species’ survival.

The obstruction can be the adverse or poor survival of species where there is an intense pressure of predation or the abiotic ecological change wherein the quality of the environment degrades compared to the species’ needs. It could also be due to the increase in the number of creatures where there is an unfavorable situation in the quality of life of an species.

Ecology Problems / The long and short of it…

The duration and gravity of difficulty of an ecological problem varies on occurrence. It can take a few months or can hold as long as a few hundred to a million years. A local ecological crisis wherein the loss of many individuals to the absolute extinction of the species will have a more or less major outcome.

While in terms of a global crisis, the consequences can be much more significant showing more than 90% in the extinction of a surviving species. The disappearance of a particular group has brought the diversification and the development of the mammals as well.
Is more extinction in out future?

Ecological problems can be specific or can be a reversible phenomenon at the ecosystem level. Generally speaking, ecological crisis lasts linking a sequence of incident that occur till a final point. From this point, the condition of previous strength and steadiness is impossible, slowly setting up a new stage.

The extinction as an ecological problem simply downgrade the quality of life of the remaining species or individual, and the variety of the human populace is sometimes believed to be threatened. Epidemic diseases, food crises, health impact, toxic wastes, and the reduced in living space are just a few things that can also contribute and leave a great impact in the welfare of all human beings.


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