European Metal Recycling

European Metal Recycling / What’s That?

There are a number of companies that have taken the lead in manufacturing in environmentally friendly ways. They understand the importance of recycling, and they also understand that it takes more than understanding to create positive change.

Environmental heath is recovered by not only individuals taking action, but by companies stepping up and employing standards that benefit the world we live in.

One such company is European Metal Recycling (emr). Formed in 1994 in Manchester, this green company has over 2,500 employees with 100 locations across the world including Thailand, the United States, Germany and Greenland.

emr / Mission Statement

Taken from their website, emr, European Metal Recycling‘s mission statement is…

“To maintain our position at the forefront of the industry by delivering the right products in the right volumes on time, and continually enhancing our portfolio of environmentally progressive services.”

emr / Re-Using Metal

The material that emr mainly concerns itself with is metal. Whether it is automobiles or appliances, emr finds the most effective means to create something efficient and environmentally friendly from something that is inefficient and toxic.

For instance, a major division of European Metal Recycling is dedicated to the breaking down of vehicles. Advances are being made everyday in manufacturing alternative energy vehicles. But what can be done with the cars that are beyond hope? Emr takes the older vehicles off your hands and gives a complete over-haul so that they are transformed into something Mother Earth would be proud of.

According to one of the leaders of emr, “Emr inspects all vehicles on receipt and makes identity checks before they are de-registered. The battery, wheels and any hazardous parts are removed and purpose built de-pollution rigs enable all operating fluids to be extracted.

Over a third of all authorised treatment facilities in mainland Britain are suppliers to European Metal Recycling many of whom have signed up to our network. Together we handle around one million vehicles a year.”

emr / Consulting Services

Besides providing these invaluable hands-on metal recycling services, representatives of emr also act as consultants. Some of the points that they address and lend their expert advice on are:

* Waste management
* Environmental management
* Contaminated land
* Testing services
* Site investigation
* Soil and landscape science

Whether you are a profit or non-profit business emr has years of practical experience to help make your organization, company, school or institution part of the recycling and green movement community.

emr / The Future

Emr has achieved sustained organic growth over the past decade, with an average annual compounded sales growth of 35% over the last 8 years and turnover topping £3 billion in the financial year 2008.

These numbers reveal a growing demand for companies that are concerned about the nature of the products we use everyday. Emr is growing every year and they currently produce over 100 grades of recycled products, which are taken to market by roads, railways and shipping vessels.

For more information on emr visit them at their website,


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