Global Warming and Fossil Fuels

Benefits of is presenting this series of pages on global warming becaue we believe there is evidence to support it is real. Even so, we are open to be proven wrong, which is why there are pages on why it is not real. Fair is fair.

The truth is we just want people to be aware that human activities (as well as natural causes) have the possibility of creating adverse effects in the US, Antarctica, Greenland, and throughout the world.

Global warming can also be detrimental to wildlife such as polar bears, creatures like sea turtles, and sea life like coral reefs.

So is global warming a myth or are there facts to support it as a reality of our times? Is there really such a thing as the greenhouse effect? And if so, what is that?

Whether you believe global warming is real or not, we invite you to read what we have uncovered on the many pages of this site… and beyond. Remember, knowledge is power.

Global Warming and Fossil Fuels / A Few Words About Energy…

People have always been in need of energy. Perhaps, the first energy source was discovered by some prehistoric man, who learned to burn wood in order to light and warm his cave and to prepare his first well-done mammoth stake.

During the thousands years of evolution people changed, and their energy requirements grew. Nowadays, we need energy everywhere, starting from the simple activities like lighting our houses or preparing food and finishing with the necessity to power our vehicles, computers and multiple household gadgets. The primary part of that energy (86% in particular), we use today, comes from burning fossil fuels.

Global Warming and Fossil Fuels / What are Fossil Fuels?

Yes, people had used fossil fuels for many and many years before, but the use of fossil fuels as the primary energy source reached its apogee only in the 20th century. Coal, natural gas, and oil or petroleum are the main types of fossil fuels, used widely these days throughout the world (as opposed to alternative forms of energy).

Perhaps, the most interesting thing to know about fossil fuels is that the original materials, which later were turned into coal, gas and petroleum, were once alive… Plants and animals that lived millions of years ago on our Planet, or to be more exact their remains, were turned into fossil fuel under the influence of multiple chemical and geological processes during millions of years.

By the way, this type of fuels is called fossil, because petroleum, natural gas, and coal are all extracted or mined from the bowels of the Earth.

In order to get energy from fossil fuels they need to be burned down. In the process of burning a great amount of energy is released, which then can be turned into electric energy or used directly to move a vehicle, for example.

Global Warming and Fossil Fuels / The Connection

Because all the fossil fuels contain a lot of carbon or hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide is released when fossil fuels are burned down. Since people use huge amounts of fossil fuels these days, consequently, carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere also in huge amounts.

Statistics say that about 21 billion tones of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere each year from burning fossil fuels. Actually, that is too much for the atmosphere of planet Earth, because it goes far beyond the amount, which can be neutralized or utilized in the natural way. And here is where the problem begins…

Global Warming and Fossil Fuels / The Greenhouse Gas Effect

Carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases. It means that its presence in the air promotes warming of the air. The higher concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – the more significant is the raise in the global temperature. Thus, through the production of carbon dioxide as the by-product of fossil fuels burning, a direct link between fossil fuels use and global warming is formed.
Global Warming and Fossil Fuels / Sources

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