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Benefits of is presenting this series of pages on global warming becaue we believe there is evidence to support it is real. Even so, we are open to be proven wrong, which is why there are pages on why it is not real. Fair is fair.

The truth is we just want people to be aware that human activities (as well as natural causes) have the possibility of creating adverse effects in the US, Antarctica, Greenland, and throughout the world.

Global warming can also be detrimental to wildlife such as polar bears, creatures like sea turtles, and sea life like coral reefs,not to mention human health, due to the spread of disease.

So is global warming a myth or are there facts to support it as a reality of our times? Is there really such a thing as the greenhouse effect? And if so, what is that?

Whether you believe global warming is real or not, we invite you to read what we have uncovered on the many pages of this site… and beyond. Remember, knowledge is power.

Global Warming Business / Companies at the Front Line

Today many of the world businesses, from large multinational corporations and to small companies, are tackling the problem of global warming (natural and human effects) and greenhouse gases emissions.

The necessity to develop and implement effective means to stop the global warming and cut down the emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere has been called an urgent priority for businesses, governments and their laws and consumers.

Global Warming Business / The Good and the Bad

Actually, global warming has a double-sided influence on business. On one hand, it forces companies to implement bigger budgets so their various business processes become “greener.”

On the other hand global warming concerns create new and profitable business opportunities, because developing alternative forms of energy and other environmentally-friendly technologies are not only good for saving the environment, but for proexpanding the job market.

This kind of scenario will create an overall stimulated econmy is which everyone wins.

Global Warming Business / The Koyoto Protocol

Most of the initiatives in the business strategies called to protect the climate of the Earth from excessive warming were defined in the international treaty called Kyoto Protocol. This document sets particular goals and assignments for each country, which ratified the treaty.

Consequently, the business and governments of those countries now have the obligation to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide as one of the major contributor to the greenhouse effect and global warming on the long run. In this way dramatic and effective way are in place all over the world to prevent global warming.

Global Warming Business / The 2 Ways to Get There

The major goal is achieved in different ways: large-scale reorganization and optimization of manufacturing processes are implemented in many industrial plants and factories.

For example, one of the leaders in vehicle industry, Toyota, makes significant contributions for preventing climate changes. Aside of reducing its own emissions of carbon dioxide at the company’s plants from 2.12 to 1.78 tons per year, the company develops a new line of hybrid cars, like Prius, which can run on the alternative types of fuels.

Global Warming Business / Britain

British Petroleum also demonstrates a steady progress in addressing global warming concerns. The company set its own goals on reducing greenhouse emissions. By year 2010 the company plans to reduce the harmful emissions by 10% from 1990 level.
Global Warming Business / The USA

In the USA the situation is a little bit different, because this country has not signed the Kyoto Protocol and thus its companies does not have to follow legal commitments, defined in this international document.

However, the majority of companies still tend to be environmentally responsible, setting their own plans and strategies to reduce GHG emissions and to support international initiatives against global warming.

For example, Whole Foods Markets announced they would buy all of the energy for their needs from wind farms, which represent alternative source of energy. Another large company, Wal-Mart plans to build new stores equipped with solar energy systems.


It is also interesting to note, that even business traveling has changed in view of global warming. Now the companies try to optimize and reduce international business traveling, using video conferencing over the Internet when it is possible. Besides, there are many companies, that encourage (including financially) their employees to use bicycles instead of cars.

So, as one can see it is not even because legal commitments set by Kyoto Protocol, that many business representatives throughout the world understand their responsibility for climate changes and take active part in the global movement for protection our plant from extreme warming.

Global Warming Business / Sources
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