Global Warming is Not Real

Global Warming is Not Real / Fact or Fiction

Global warming remains the most widely discussed topic around the world. Political and public debate continues regarding climate change, and what actions (if any) to take in response. But an interesting side of the global warming episode is that there are people who do not consider global warming as a problematic thing.

The scientists also agree that human activities are causing an increase in global temperature. But they differ on “Is Global Warming Real” phenomenon.

Global Warming is Not Real / What the Skeptics Think

Skeptics of global warming think that global warming is not an ecological trouble. According to them, the recent enhancement in the earth’s average temperature is no reason for alarm and also that coastlines and polar ice caps are not at a risk of vanishing.

They consider that the weather models used to establish global warming and to forecast its impacts are distorted. According to the models, if calculations are made the last few decades must have been much worse as compared to actually happened to be.

Most of the global warming skeptics believe that the global warming is not actually occurring. They stress on the fact the climatic conditions vary because of volcanism, the obliquity cycle, changes in solar output, and internal variability.

Also the warming can be due to the variation in cloud cover, which in turn is responsible for the temperatures on the earth. The variations are also a result of cosmic ray flux that is modulated by the solar magnetic cycles.

Global Warming is Not Real / It’s a Good Thing

The global warming skeptics are of the view that the global warming is a good phenomenon and should not be stopped. They believe that there are various benefits of global warming.

According to them, the global warming will increase humidity in tropical deserts. Also the higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere trigger plant growth. As predicted, due to the global warming the sea levels will rise. But this can be readily adapted.

The major point they argue upon is that earth has been warmer than today as seen in its history. The thought is that global warming is nothing to get afraid of because it just takes us back to a more natural set of environment of the past. Animals and plants appeared to do just fine in those eras of warm climate on the earth.

Few skeptics think that the present chilly climate on the earth is an abnormality when judged over the geographical scale. Over geologic time, the earth’s mean temperature is 22 degrees C, as compared to today’s 15.5 degrees C.

Global Warming is Not Real / An Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth by Al-Gore was a famous documentary on global warming which had captured the world wide attention in 2007. It was awarded with Oscar award in 2007 for best documentary film also it shared Nobel Award for peace with IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

But global warming skeptics call IPCC a closed circuit that doesn’t listen to others. They are of the opinion that holding man and his activities responsible for pollution is truth, but holding him responsible for global warming is an “Inconvenient Truth” because man is too small to cause any changes of global scale on a sustainable basis.


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