Global Warming is Real

Global Warming is Real / Facts to Support the Theory

The problem of global warming is difficult to tackle as it demands a world-wide response. As outlined by various studies the temperature of earth is constantly increasing and also increase in sea level is noted in every century.

Over the past 40 years, the global temperature increased 0.5°C. If this trend continues than it can cause serious harm to the living beings on earth. There are numerous facts which support this theory.

Global warming is real and underway.

Global Warming is Real / Temperature and Ice

  • Mean temperatures over the whole planet have risen by about 0.74° C (1.33° F) in the last 100 years. More than half of this increase has happened in the last 25 years. The temperature records used to calculate this are extensive; they have been assembled from thousands of observation sites on land and sea covering a large, representative portion of the Earth’s surface.
  • Melting sea ice (particularly in Antarctica) is a serious problem that global warming is directly responsible for; it has shrunk by 250 acres. In the 1960’s and 1970’s the average thickness was ten feet of ice, and then when it was checked in the 1990’s in was reduced to an average of six feet. This simply means that there has been a loss of 40% of the Arctic sea ice in a matter of approximately 30 years. Broken down into another aspect — it is shrinking at a rate of 14,000 square miles.

Global Warming is Real / Coral and Glaciers

  • As the oceans are warming rapidly it causes yet another problematic issue. In October, 2000 at the Ninth International Coral Reef Symposium, it was announced that more than 25% of the world’s coral reefs have been completely destroyed by global warming through coral bleaching; this is a result of higher water temperatures heating the coral.

    The islands in the Indian Ocean have seen more than their fair share of this problem, as the coral reefs in that location have been 90% destroyed over the last two years.

  • Apart from the above mentioned facts, it has also been observed that ten of the warmest years of the century occurred in the 1990s. Furthermore, mountain glaciers all over the world are receding steadily. Lastly, at high latitudes, the growing season starts 7 days earlier and ends 2-4 days latter.

Global Warming is Real / The Future

All these factors are a proof of the impact, global warming has had on this wonderful planet. If no action is taken, climatologists predict, the global average temperature — which has risen by a remarkable 0.7° C during the past 100 years — could go up by as much as 3.5° C in the coming century, raising ocean levels to swamp islands and coastal communities around the world, drying up rivers and lakes, and turning agricultural land into desert.


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