Global Warming Polar Bears

Benefits of is presenting this series of pages on global warming becaue we believe there is evidence to support it is real. Even so, we are open to be proven wrong, which is why there are pages on why it is not real. Fair is fair.

The truth is we just want people to be aware that human activities have the possibility of creating adverse effects in the US, Antarctica, Greenland, and throughout the world.

Global warming can also be detrimental to wildlife such as polar bears, creatures like sea turtles, and sea life like coral reefs.

So is global warming a myth or are there facts to support it as a reality of our times? Is there really such a thing as the greenhouse effect? And if so, what is that?

Whether you believe global warming is real or not, we invite you to read what we have uncovered on the many pages of this site… and beyond. Remember, knowledge is power.
Global Warming Polar Bears / The Tragedy Unfolds…

Polar bears have come to represent the tragedies that global warming brings. Climate change poses a threat to all life on Earth but, even as climate change is currently just at its onset, polar bears are already experiencing its catastrophic effects.

Polar bears are adapted to freezing environments and they can survive at temperatures as low as -46°C. This is why they thrive in Antarctica where snow, sea ice, and glacial ice cover most areas year-round. At warmer climates, polar bears overheat and die.

This is why global warming poses a great threat to the world’s population of polar bears. Already, the increase in global temperature has caused a significant reduction in sea ice. Although Arctic temperatures are still well within the tolerable range for polar bears, the thinning and melting of ice due to global warming has already caused a significant number of polar bear drownings.

Global Warming Polar Bears / Starvation

The change in Arctic climate has also caused polar bears to face starvation due to food shortages since they are losing about three weeks for hunting on solid ice and feeding on their prey. According to researchers, polar bears now weigh at least 15% less than they did just 30 years ago.

For a typical adult male, that would amount to about 150 pounds less in weight. Should global warming continue to accelerate at its current pace, scientists believe that over 60% of the 20,000-25,000 polar bears in the wild will die off within the next 50 years.

Global Warming Polar Bears / Endangered Species?

In May of 2008, polar bears became classified as an endangered species because of the significant number of deaths caused by global warming. Soon enough, the entire species of polar bears could face extinction. However, there is still hope for them as there’s much that can be done to reverse the effects of global warming.

Apart from preserving and protecting the natural environment of polar bears, we must cut down on carbon dioxide emissions that accelerate the pace of global warming. We must also reduce waste, use energy-efficient appliances, and adapt sustainable practices. Only through the efforts of all human beings that polar bears as well as all living organisms on Earth can be given a chance to survive.

Global Warming Polar Bears / Sources

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