Global Warming Predictions

Global Warming Predictions / Rising Sea Levels

Global warming has become a hot topic of debate since the past two decades. Each passing day brings yet new proof that we are now in front of a global climate emergency that needs immediate action to piercingly decrease carbon dioxide emissions worldwide in order to turn down the earth’s rising temperatures and avoid any catastrophe.

According to different assumption about the future behavior of mankind, a projection of current trends as represented by a number of different scenarios gives temperature increases of about 3° to 5° C (5° to 9° Fahrenheit) by the year 2100 or soon afterwards. A 3°C or 5° Fahrenheit rise would likely raise sea levels by about 25 meters (about 82 feet).

Global Warming Predictions / Starvation

The often predicted consequences of warming include large-scale shifts in atmospheric and oceanographic circulation patterns, melting of the polar ice caps, global sea-level rise, reorganization of the earth’s climatic zones, and establishment of new large-scale weather patterns.

Such changes in the distribution of heat, precipitation, and weather phenomena like storms and floods would affect the productivity and distribution of natural and managed vegetation. It will also lead to drought, severe storms and interrupted energy supplies.

Diminishing resources would lead to starvation and disease. This could then lead to warfare, which is the pattern of humans’ behavior whenever their resources become depleted.

Animals and microorganisms would experience dramatic changes in their habitats, and perhaps face much higher rates of species extinction. Most ecologists consider that global warming, if it occurred as predicted, would represent a serious threat to biodiversity and to the health of ecosystems worldwide.
Global Warming Predictions / The Ecosystem

Statistically, it is predicted that up to 38% of water may be unable to sustain coldwater fish because of rising temperatures whereas various other species, which prefer warmer waters, will increase tremendously. Snow levels may retreat by 500 feet in elevation for every rise of one degree Celsius (1.9 degree Fahrenheit).

Concentrations of carbon dioxide have increased 30% in the last century and are predicted to raise 2 to 3 times the levels since the late 1800’s.

Perhaps the most disturbing changes are expected in the coral reefs that are expected to die off as an effect of global warming. The global warming is expected to cause irreversible changes in the ecosystem and the behavior of animals.
Global Warming Predictions / Human Activities

It is not easy to attach any particular events to global warming, but studies prove the fact that human activities are increasing the earth’s temperature.

Even though most predictions focus on the epoch up to 2100, even if no further greenhouse gases were discharged after this date, global warming and sea level would be likely to go on to rise for more than a millennium, since carbon dioxide has a long average atmospheric life span.

With the probable exemption of one more world war, a huge asteroid, or a fatal plague, global warming may be the only prime threat to our planet earth.


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