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People that search the web on a regular basis nowadays are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of going green; they look forward to buying green products, they search for the latest in green trends, they consider buying green vehicles, and they want to teach living green tips to their kids.

Green Blogs / A new way to stay informed

During the last few years blogs have remained as the most effective means to get your message about living green across in a personal way. After a slow start, blogging has rapidly gained momentum in recent times. Blogs have gained widespread popularity and acceptance in the world of internet for publishing of content and have also become lately a way for people to earn a little bit of money.

Green Blogs / The Top 11

Today, there are numerous blogs available on the internet that focus on environmental sustainability and are so-called green living blogs. They provide information about latest green trends, eco friendly news as well as green tips about different topics. Here are some of the best green living blogs that internet has to offer:

Daily Green features daily news, seasonal recipes, tips on green practises and variety of information on environmental issues.

EarthFirst is an exclusive green blog featuring the latest environmental news, original cartoons, videos and lot more.

Eco Geek devotes its pages to exploring the symbiosis between nature and technology.

Green Living Ideas provides ideas, tips, and information to help you improve the environmental sustainability of every aspect of your life

Green Options Media’s rapidly growing network of environmentally-focused blogs provides users with a broad spectrum of information for making sustainable choices.

Green Upgrader features sustainable products, ideas and news to help you on your journey to a greener lifestyle.

Lighter Footstep helps you go green by providing useful tips and information on variety of topics ranging from gardening, green diet to recycling and transportation.

Low Impact Living focuses on lowering the environmental impact of your home and your daily life by helping you find the best green products, practices and service providers. is another Green Options Media Production. It provides information on environmental and economic sustainability, green and sustainable business, and environmental politics. The blog regularly features environmental leaders, experts in alternative energy and green technology, and real people trying to lighten their environmental footprints.

The Green Guide blog helps you wade through the greenwashing and complicated science and provide tips on how you can meaningfully and easily green your own life.

Be Like Nature has a personal slant and gives information that is helpful ‘in the daily life’ sort of way.

Though lot of steps are being continually taken to make people aware of critical issues facing the global environment today, the real change will only come when each of us takes the responsibility to employ green practices in our daily lives. In a nutshell, leading green lifestyle is all about making choices and taking action to lead healthier and more.
Green Blogs / Sources

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