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Whether you live in China the United States or Australia, people nowadays are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of going green; they look forward to buying green products, they search for the latest in green trends, they consider buying green vehicles, and they want to teach living green tips to their kids.

This page will deal with the unique challlenges of the country of Australia. Why? The truth of the matter is the owner of this site calls Australia his home, and we have many folks visit this site that come from there, as well.

Green Living Australia / The Driest Continent on Earth

We’re facing a time of great environmental change, and it will affect us all. But concerned people have been working out what to do, and know what the solutions are. In Australia, the trend of easy green living is on the rise.

Since Australia is the driest inhabited continent on the earth, global climatic change can worsen the conditions dramatically. Threats faced by the Australian environment include climate change, biodiversity loss plus water pollution and overuse. So the importance of green living on the world’s smallest continent cannot be understated.

Green Living Australia / The Driest Continent on Earth

Green living has made quite an impact on Australians and it has entered every sphere of life. Some interesting facts that reinforce the above statement are mentioned below:

• Businesses are showcasing their green products and services at green festivals, sustainable conferences or eco living workshops. Several eco-events are also being organized to spread awareness among people about the significance of green lifestyle.

• Australian tourism has been the latest industry to “go green”. Everyone from travel agents and airlines to hotels and car hire companies now offer travellers the chance to offset their carbon emissions emitted during their holiday. Travellers thus look to more eco-friendly options nowadays.

• As an increasing number of retailers launch green tariffs and green energy is more prominently offered, Australian consumers are signing up to green power at a rapid rate. The country now has amongst the highest penetration of residential customers buying accredited green energy in the world, and the share of households taking a green product was expected to reach double figures by 2009.

• Australian airlines have gone green; Qantas and Jetstar are the latest airlines to join the rush to improve their green credentials — launching a program offering passengers the opportunity to offset carbon dioxide emissions their flights cause. The scheme allows travellers to calculate the per-passenger emissions of their flights and buy carbon dioxide credits that would be paid to a variety of environmental projects. Australian government-accredited “greenhouse gas abatement” program being the main one.

• Blueberry growers in Australia are using their clean green image to compete with the rest of the world. In fact, Australia already has an established reputation with the Japanese when it comes to importing blueberries to Japan.

• Concrete measures are being taken to secure the water supply of all Australians in the form of several momentous water conservation programs. Also, utilization of solar power has been always encouraged. Federal government’s solar rebate and communities plan has been highly successful.

Green Living Australia / Conclusion

Though the list is virtually countless, these are some of the significant facts that indicate that Australians are taking firm steps to ensure that their activities are in harmony with the environment. If Australia continues its race towards the greener future at such a pace, it could be a world leader in new technology and methods, which would be great for jobs and the economy as well as the environment.

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