Green Trends

Whether you live in China the United States or Australia, people nowadays are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of going green; they look forward to buying green products, they search for the latest in easy green living, they consider buying green vehicles, they want to teach living green tips to their kids, and they scope out the hottest green blogs
and green living magazines.

Green Trends / The Agenda That Makes Sense

The “green” agenda has gained prominence in recent times. Green living can provide an effective solution to the environmental threats faced by the living beings on this planet. Living the green life doesn’t have to be a painful lifestyle change.

The trick is in taking small baby steps during the process, and soon you will find yourself automatically thinking up ways you can green this and that up. And you will start to feel the rewards of living the green life you have created.

Green Trends / Examples Galore…

As the notion of green living has gained momentum with the passage of time, people have started to follow green principles in their daily lives. Green is virtually being employed into every aspect of life be it cars, construction designs, décor, toys, batteries, phones, clothes, accessories, food products, household products, traveling and lot more.

Besides, green living is also entering into one of the hottest trends in weddings! Several new gadgets have emerged that are based on green principles. They focus on using alternative sources of energy hence help in saving natural resources and reducing pollution e.g. solar iPhone chargers, solar microbots and solar cell phones.

Green Trends / Smart Construction

The one practice that is catching up very fast on the latest green trends is the concept of green construction. 2009 building trends from green building in the US to green building in Australia, have seen quite a few changes from the recent years of opulence and grandiose residences. While many homeowners still enjoy elegant living, it is not the showy products that are popular, but rather the increase and focus on sustainable living and practical spaces.

With several builder trends moving away from the McMansions and onto green building, smaller homes and flex spaces, new homes are an improved version of what once was. Ideal green-home design incorporates the following features:

Flat roof solar-power systems: These are easy to install on your rooftop with all electrical components incorporated inside the sleek panel. It looks like a sunroof and saves you lot of money. The Andalay solar panel is the leader in this direction.

Synthetic turf: This is an excellent substitute of natural grass. No lawn mower, no fertilizers, no wasted water and grass stays in a state of perpetual greenness.

Metal roofing: The covering, crafted of recycled material, is 100-percent recyclable and lasts for decades i.e. 40 to 60 years. Traditional roofing materials last 10 to 20 years and end up in a landfill and are thus certainly not good for the environment.

Backyard turbines: If you are worried about electricity shortage or are upset with surging electricity bills, utilizing wind power can provide an effective solution. Although there’s a large upfront fee to build a turbine, you earn brownie points for becoming energy independent and reducing air pollution (turbines produce none).

So it is evident from the above facts everybody is trying to hop on the green bandwagon.
Green living is being taken seriously and constant efforts are being made to employ green techniques in every sector. It is only through green living that we can save our planet from further devastation.

Green Trends / Sources

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