How to Stop Global Warming

Benefits of is presenting this series of pages on global warming becaue we believe there is evidence to support it is real. Even so, we are open to be proven wrong, which is why there are pages on why it is not real. Fair is fair.

The truth is we just want people to be aware that human activities have the possibility of creating adverse effects in the US, Antarctica, Greenland, and throughout the world.

Global warming can also be detrimental to wildlife such as polar bears, creatures like sea turtles, and sea life like coral reefs.

So is global warming a myth or are there facts to support it as a reality of our times? Is there really such a thing as the greenhouse effect? And if so, what is that?

Whether you believe global warming is real or not, we invite you to read what we have uncovered on the many pages of this site… and beyond. Remember, knowledge is power.
How to Stop Global Warming / It Takes a Village

Stopping global warming will hinge largely on governments and industries working together to limit pollutants, invest in clean energy and green jobs, develop energy-efficient technologies, build sustainable infrastructures, and establish greener communities and transport options. Nevertheless, individuals can contribute a lot to stop global warming.
How to Stop Global Warming / 6 Solutions For Our Future

1. Lighting

Use compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. These use 60% less energy than incandescent bulbs. By using CFLs, you can save around 140kg of CO2 each year.

2. How to Stop Global Warming / Heating, Cooling & Ventilation

Use programmable thermostats. Also, lower your thermostat by 2°C during the winter. Proper thermostat settings will keep you from emitting over 900kg of CO2 each year. You can also save up to 160kg of CO2 annually by cleaning your air conditioning and furnace filters regularly.

Using double-glazed windows and insulating your ceilings and walls properly will not only reduce your energy bill by around 25% but also lessen your annual CO2 emissions by over 900kg. Weather-stripping and caulking will also keep you from emitting up to 800kg of CO2 a year.

3. Appliances, Fixtures, & Equipment

Use energy efficient appliances. Also, keep your refrigerator and freezer away from cookers and boilers. This can help you reduce your yearly CO2 emissions by 160-320kg. If you have a water heater, wrap it with an insulation blanket and set its thermostat to a maximum of 50°C. These can help you reduce your yearly CO2 emissions by 700kg.

4. Bathroom, Kitchen, & Laundry Practices

Dry your laundry outdoors rather than using a dryer. Doing this can help you keep from emitting up to 635kg of CO2 each year.

Use the least possible amount of hot water in your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. By using warm or cold water to wash your clothes, you can save up to 230kg of CO2 per year. Installing low-flow showerheads in your bathroom to save up to 160kg of CO2 a year.

5. How to Stop Global Warming / Waste Management

Send all recyclables to recycling plants. Recycling at least half of your household’s waste can save up to 1,100kg of CO2 per year. Also, compost your organic waste to reduce methane emissions.

6. Transportation

Walk, bike, take public transportation, or carpool. Limit driving your own car to just 16km per week to reduce your yearly CO2 emissions by 230kg. Carpooling twice a week can keep you from emitting 720kg of CO2 per year.

How to Stop Global Warming / Maintenance

Also, maintain your car well. If only 1% of all car owners maintained their cars properly, annual CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to 453,592,370kg. You should also have properly inflated tires at all times as tire pressure greatly affects gas mileage. You can keep 9kg of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere by saving just 1 gallon of gasoline.

There’s much more you can do to reduce your CO2 emissions. All it takes is putting some thought into everything you do and being fully conscious of your energy consumption.

How to Stop Global Warming / It Takes a Village

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