Human Effects of Global Warming

Benefits of is presenting this series of pages on global warming becaue we believe there is evidence to support it is real. Even so, we are open to be proven wrong, which is why there are pages on why it is not real. Fair is fair.

The truth is we just want people to be aware that human activities (as well as natural causes) have the possibility of creating adverse effects in the US, Antarctica, Greenland, and throughout the world.

Global warming can also be detrimental to wildlife such as polar bears, creatures like sea turtles, and sea life like coral reefs.

So is global warming a myth or are there facts to support it as a reality of our times? Is there really such a thing as the greenhouse effect? And if so, what is that?

Whether you believe global warming is real or not, we invite you to read what we have uncovered on the many pages of this site… and beyond. Remember, knowledge is power.

Human Effects of Global Warming / Greenhouse Gases

There’s no denying the fact that human beings play a huge role in global warming. Through industrialization and commercialization, we have dramatically increased the concentrations of greenhouse gases that cause heat to be trapped within the surface of the Earth. The most massive of all greenhouse gases we emit is carbon dioxide.

Worldwide, the largest contributor to carbon dioxide emissions stem from electricity generation. The majority of the world’s power plants process coal, natural gas, and oil; all of which involve burning fossil fuels and releasing large volumes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Although some have begun generating energy from renewable resources and cleaner processes, the rate of adoption is still low. To significantly reduce the volume of emissions from power plants, human beings need to rely largely on low carbon technologies. Some of these include solar, wind, and hydropower technologies.

Human Effects of Global Warming / Transportation

Transportation is also among the largest contributors to global carbon dioxide emissions. Motor vehicles are dependent on fuel processed from oil. In 2006, there was already an estimated 830 million motor vehicles in the world, a number growing at the rate of 16 million per year.

To fuel the worldwide fleet of motor vehicles, millions of barrels of oil are burned each day. To minimize emissions, individuals must reduce dependency on motor vehicles by walking or biking when traveling short distances. People must also give preference to fuel-efficient cars and public transportation. In addition, car manufacturers need to develop better technologies that would allow their products to use fewer liters of gas per kilometer.

Airplanes are also large contributors to global carbon dioxide emissions. In fact, aviation is estimated to be responsible for 3.5% of the total contributors of global warming. Other large contributors to global warming are commercial and industrial buildings. These are estimated to account for at least 12% of all carbon dioxide emissions worldwide.

Human Effects of Global Warming / Deforestation

Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are also dramatically increasing because of deforestation. In fact, deforestation for commercial and industrial purposes accounts for 20 to 25% of carbon emissions rising into the atmosphere. Forests absorb large quantities of carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.

At present, we destroy approximately 34 million acres of trees annually. The more trees we cut down and the more forests we burn, the higher volumes of carbon dioxide rises to the atmosphere.

Disturbances in permafrost and tundras also account for much of today’s global carbon dioxide emissions. In such lands, carbon and other pollutants have been trapped for thousands of years. As human beings disturb those areas, ice melts and releases the pollutants into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Human Effects of Global Warming / Carbon Dioxide

Through carbon dioxide emissions alone, human beings are already considered as main contributors to global warming. To neutralize and potentially reverse the rate at which global warming is occurring, we must significantly reduce our carbon emissions by relying on cleaner technologies and observing better practices.

Human Effects of Global Warming / Sources

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