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In our opinion green cars (electric cars, hybrid cars, alternative energy vehicles) are cars that are more energy efficient than your average car especially when the manufacturer has made a special and concerted effort to develop new approaches or new technologies. An efficient vehicle runs on less fuel which saves more of the world’s finite natural resources. And this, my friends, is good for the health and future of the planet.

Hummer H3 Reviews / The Humvee Revised

When you hear the word, “Hummer” does that make you think ‘eco friendly’?

hummer h3 reviews

I’m guessing it doesn’t. And if we were talking about the original Hummer and the Hummer H2 then you would be right on.

But now there’s the Hummer H3, and hold on to your hats, because it’s electric and it has garnered an excellent reputation, even among the top green cars on the market today.

Hummer H3 Reviews / A New Partnership

General Motors, known for extrapolating less-than-green gas guzzling machines has partnered with Raser Technologies to create this new eco friendly version of the Hummer.

Raser is an innovative technology company that explores alternative energy sources. How nice when companies can rise to the occasion and modify outmoded ways of doing business!

Hummer H3 Reviews / The Green Elements Revealed

So what makes the Hummer H3 so green?

1. It provides 100 mpg (twice what is offered by the Toyota Prius).

2. It comes equipped with a suspension-testing 600 pounds of lithium-ion battery power, which will push the vehicle along for up to 40 miles in all-electric mode before a recharge is necessary.

3. The Hummer H3 has a reduced petrol engine the driver can switch to in order to maintain momentum and provide the battery packs with a moving charge boost.

4. With an acceleration of 0 to 60 in 8.5 seconds and a total range of 400 miles, this green Hummer will run for about 40 miles on electricity only.

Hummer H3 / In Closing

Not too bad for the bad boy cars of the 21st century! And given all the environmental reasons to consider the Hummer H3… why else would one consider this car over others?

Well according to David West, vice president of marketing for Raser Technologies, “The powertrain in this vehicle can be applied to most trucks and SUVs, and it’s ideal for fleets, contractors or small business owners. It delivers the payload of a pickup truck with better gasfuel economy than a Prius.”

So, it appears, even the most seemingly out-of-touch manufacturers are becoming more aware, concerned and willing to answer the plea of more from the companies that produce our vehicles. And with the Hummer H3 one doesn’t have to give up the sexy style that they want.

But you are probably thinking, “Yeah, all that’s great, but the price ticket is too rich for my blood so I can’t even consider purchasing that car.” And if $50,000 is more than you are willing to spend… you are right.

The Hummer H3 is expected to arrive in all its glory some time in 2011, and apparently the recession shows no signs of hurting General Motors. There are already 17,000 preorders placed on this stylishly green vehicle.

Hummer H3 / Sources

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