New Project Developments

We actually came across our own rust issue in our lives with a selection of rusty tools and small bits of machinery that through lack of love and not the best care ended up corroding rather seriously!!
WE discovered CORRO DIP rust remover- an Australian product. I will post a few photo of an old fishing knife that we cleaned up and then just a selection of their reports of stuff that they have cleaned. Never thought it would be this easy to remove rust, I guess i was just living in the dark ages!!

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 •    Problem:    Earthmoving chains seized.
•    Condition:  Equipment had been left lying idle for considerable periods and chains had seized and become unserviceable.
The chains were immersed in CORRO DIP bath and rotated hourly.

The process took a couple of days as the corrosion was heavy and when the rust was being broken down parts had to be “flexed” to allow the rust to leave the joints.Heating the water accelerated the process.

Once the chains were restored to their original condition they were painted with a quality marine paint to prevent recurrence.
•    Result:  A considerable amount of time and money was saved as a result of the chains being reused and recycled.


•    Problem:    Diamond Drill seizures.
•    Condition:  Various.
A mining company had to replace drill bits because of seizure. The bits are very expensive, in the region of $50,000 AUD. Acid could not be used because of danger in attacking metal and because of workshop rules in the Australian out back areas.

The solution was in making CORRODIP baths and lowering the bits into the baths. Clean water had to be carried to the mine site, as water that was available was salty. The action of the CORRODIP was slower than normal due to the presence of drilling mud and soil in the diamond bit.
•   Result:  The bit became suitable for re-use and several thousand dollars saved.


•  Problem:    Electric Generator dropped in salt water.
•  Condition:   Internal parts inaccessible. Shorting occurring because on salt build up. A decision had been taken to scrap the unit.
The generator which was worth approximately $500,000 AUD had been dropped into the ocean whilst being unloaded. The Electricity Company was able to remove all external rust and corrosion but the unit would not work due to the salt build up internally causing short-circuiting.

They considered the machine to be a write off. The generator was placed in a bath of CORRO DIP and hot water for a six-hour period. At the end of the six hours a hot air drier was used to dry the unit. A WD40 type product was sprayed internally to prevent flash rust.
The unit was then put into service and worked perfectly.There was no damage to any of the insulation, electrical components or copper wiring.
•  Result:   A generator worth half a million dollars did not have to be scrapped, for an outlay of $250 AUD for the expense of the CORRO DIP.