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recycle clip art
Recycle Clip Art / Why Bother?

Clip art remains one of the most popular products among individuals of all ages. Whether you are a kid working on a school project, a professional getting ready for an important presentation, or you are a member of the community volunteering for a fund raising event, clip art is something that people from all walks of life gravitate toward.

The picture to the left represents an abstract art piece made from recycled paper. Photo is by RecycledHandmadePaper.

But have you ever thought about how and why to recycle clip art? If you are like most people… probably not. No worries, that’s why we are here.

Recycling helps the environment, whether it is tires, pallets, old computers or clip art.

All these things (and many other materials) can go through a recycling process so that unwanted and/or used materials can be put to good use. The alternative is that discarded materials will wind up in our streams, oceans, roads or shorelines. These materials will also continue to overflow landfills.

What is Clip Art?

recycle clip art 2When participating in the recycling process, think about reusing a piece of artwork, which would otherwise be too small for a card, onto another piece of artwork.

Hand-made greeting cards (like the ones in the picture to the left), for instance, are a great way to share with family and friends. And your inspired creativity will help save some trees, as well.

-Photo on the left is by Leethal.-

Optional items for creating home-made greeting cards include buttons, yarn, stencils, glitter glue, scrap paper, novelty scissors that assist in cutting decorative edges, and sticker words or letters.

Instead of focusing on an actual picture, the focus would be on the colors that one used. Allow your creativity to guide you. Experiment with your choices and don’t be afraid to be bold.

Recycle Clip Art / Keep it Simple

Another option is the simple cut-and-go card if the artwork is on sturdy paper (like watercolor paper). You can easily cut out a rectangle and write a message on the back. You can even add some squiggles of glitter glue or even a marker around the artwork. This can be glued onto another piece of artwork that uses complementary colors.

Place the card horizontally or vertically and position the framed art a little higher than center to give it a more creative touch. In other words, don’t seek perfection. Remember, real beauty lies in the imperfections.

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