Recycle Grey Water

Not sure what items around your house are suitable for recycling? This series of pages will cover all materials that an informed layman and consumer should be aware of regarding most commonly known recyclable materials- things like paper, Styrofoam, ink cartridges, and plastic water bottles.

We will also discuss some materials that are not widely known to be recyclable like rubber and concrete. There should be special attention given to materials that are poorly understood and/or hard to recycle.

Recycle Grey Water / What is Grey Water

Grey water is washwater. That is, all wastewater (laundry, kitchen, shower/bath tub) with the exception pf toilet wastes and food wastes derived from garbage grinders.

There are significant distinctions between grey water and toilet wastewater (called “blackwater”). These distinctions tell us how these wastewaters should be treated /managed and why, in the interests of public health and environmental protection, they should not be mixed together.

Recycle Grey Water / Cutting Costs

Grey water, under certain conditions and with the proper equipment, can be reused for diverse purposes. Reusing grey water may sound a bit strange but with the proper equipment, as well as filtering, the water remains usable once again.

While using the grey water, one offers a certain recycling method through which the water bill gets reduced and community’s requirement for expensive giant waste treatment plants is decreased considerably.

There are quite a few estimates that reveal recycling grey water can reduce one’s water bill by 60% or more.
Recycle Grey Water / Tips to Grey Water Use

Plant specialists warn that grey water should not be used on vegetables, seedlings, container plants or acid-loving plants such as azaleas, begonias, and rhododendrons. Grey water should be rotated with fresh water to leach out any harmful build-up. Chlorine bleach may damage plants, especially if it touches the foliage. Biodegradable soaps appear to have the least harmful effects.


The following companies offer greywater systems, components, kits, and plans:

Bismart Distributing
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Clivus Multrum
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NutriCycle Systems
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Oasis Design
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Recycle Grey Water / Closing

Recycling grey water will without a doubt reduce your water bill and conserve one of our most valuable resources – water. But this is a process that requires some investment in time and money.

But if you are serious about making a difference in helping the environment while helping your bank account be sure to check out one or all of the valuable resources on this page.


For more information on recycling grey water near you just input the phrase, recycling grey water in ‘your area’ in your search engine search bar. Or go to

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