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Not sure what items around your house are suitable for recycling? This series of pages will cover all materials that an informed layman and consumer should be aware of regarding most commonly known recyclable materials- things like newspaper, Styrofoam, ink cartridges, and plastic water bottles.

We will also discuss some materials that are not widely known to be recyclable like rubber and concrete. There should be special attention given to materials that are poorly understood and/or hard to recycle.

Recycle Televisions / Out With The Old

In 2008 alone, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimated Americans disposed of some 24 million tube TVs, amounting to about 711,000 tons of electronic waste. As out world is becoming more technologically advanced (3-D televisions will be manistream in 2011!), people are getting rid of last year’s model.

Many charities don’t accept donations of used TVs anymore since the cost of disposing of these sets is too high. As more homes may in fact be in need of getting rid of their older telly, there is a growing fear as to what to do with those senior TV models.

Recycle Televisions / So why not just throw them in the trash?

Throwing these TVs into a landfill is not too environmentally savvy because the size of these electronic monsters fills a landfill quickly, and the parts do not decompose in an efficient manner. Televisons are composed of highly toxic materials and they longer they remain in landfills or anywhere – dicarded and out in the open, this toxic waste will spread to nearby water sources and begin to pollute not only the surrounding area, but anywhere that water can flow.

Recycling can aid tremendously in the problem. And the sooner the better, since today an estimated 75 per cent of TVs are either abandoned or thrown in with the regular trash.

Websites that can help…

Earth 911 is a comprehensive communication medium for the environment. Earth 911 has taken environmental hotlines, web sites and other information sources nationwide, and consolidated them into one network. Once you contact the Earth 911 network, you will find community-specific information on eCycling and much more.

My Green Electronics provided by the Consumer Electronics Association
, is a resource for consumers wishing to purchase green products and/or searching for local opportunities to recycle or donate used electronics.

The Electronic Industries Alliance’s eCycling Central Web site helps you find reuse, recycling and donation programs for electronics products in your state.

TechSoup has compiled a comprehensive body of information to promote computer recycling and reuse. This site provides resources for those who would like to donate hardware, those who would like to acquire recycled hardware, and refurbishers.

Recycle Televisions / Cheaters Never Prosper

Normally all the old televisions contain up to 8 pounds of credit, a credit that some responded to for the wrong reasons. Many unethical recycling firms bid substantive fees to apply to these old sets and then dumped these TVs to different locations.

Find a place near you that recycles televisions…


For more information on recycling televisions near you just input the phrase, recycling televisions in ‘your area’ in your search engine search bar. Or go to

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