Recycling Paper

Recycling Paper / What is Recycled Paper?

Recycled paper is paper that was made from paper and paper products that has already been used and recovered. The waste paper undergoes a process in which it is made into new paper products. Paper that can be called legally recycled paper has to include materials that have been recovered after the initial manufacturing process.

recycled paper
There are three kinds of paper that are suitable as materials for making recycled paper.

The picture to the left represents Acid Free Handmade Recycled Paper. Photo is by Claudia’s Creations.

Mill broke is a by-product of paper manufacturing. Mill broke is composed of paper trimmings and other paper scrap during the manufacturing of paper and is recycled within the premises of the plant.

Pre-consumer waste is paper and a paper product that has been discarded before it was ready for the end user.

Post-consumer waste is material that has been recovered after being used and discarded by consumers. Paper that is considered suitable for recycling is called scrap paper.

Recycling Paper / Why Should We Recycle Paper?

The manufacturing of paper on an industrialized scale has enormous effects on the environment. The procurement and processing of raw materials have a variety of negative effects on the environment. Denudation of woodlands and exhaustion of water supplies are some of these effects.

Manufacturing also has its own share of negative effects. These are often waste disposal issues. When paper and other suitable materials are recycled all these environmental impacts are reduced significantly.

A major part of municipal waste is made up of paper and paper products before the recovery of recyclable materials. Studies show up to 35 percent of the weight of solid waste is made up of paper. This means that any landfill in use can be used longer if waste paper is recovered. This saving in landfill volume is especially relevant today since landfill area is at a premium.

Statistics and facts reported by the United States Environmental Protection Agency have shown that there is a reduction in air and water pollution when paper products are recycled over the manufacturing of new paper. Water pollution is lessened by 35 percent and air pollution is lessened by 74 percent.

Recycling Paper / Can Using Recycled Paper be Advantageous?

In some instances producing new fiber as material for paper is more economical and practical than recycling. Sometimes the recycled paper costs too much to be of any benefit. At other times recycling can result in using up more resources than it conserves. The type of paper being recovered can be the difference between a beneficial recycling operation and one that is more disadvantageous rather than useful.

In some industrialized countries wood fiber and recovered paper are equally abundant. Advanced recycling technology is also giving paper producers more options than ever before. Often the quality of recycled paper is close if not equal to paper made from new fiber. It is up to the paper manufacturers to choose the materials that will give the best results.

Sometimes using new fiber gives optimum results and sometimes using recycled fiber is preferable. The manufacturer will have to make the decision that will result in using the smallest quantity of resources to fill the need of the customers.

Educate your kids early so that they will grow up to be responsible for the planet they inhabit.
And we, as consumers, can do our part by recycling paper. We can also opt not to use paper when we have other options.

Order your newspaper subscriptions online. Read pages on your computer screen instead of printing them out. Never print anything on your computer unless it is necessary. 9 times out of 10, you will see no real need to print. Conserve and recycle instead. It feels good to be conscientious.


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