Recycling Prices What is the Cost of Recycling?

Recycling Prices

Okay, let’s talk about money. The last couple of years have been rough on individuals as well as businesses.

recycling pricesThe economic crisis is continuing to hit us in a myriad ways.

In fact, countries across the globe are busy planning their strategies to save themselves from going under.

The picture on the left represents the leaves of a money tree. Photo is by Frankayran.-

Families are feeling the crushing weight of the recession.

And since the financial burdens in most of the cases have started hitting the normal households in innumerable ways, a domino effect is set in motion.

People are saving money by not purchasing items they may consider frivolous, and business’ revenues are dramatically plummeting, and, in turn, workers are getting laid off. And so the cycle continues.

Saving money by getting involved in the recycling movement may seem like it won’t make a small dent in the problem. But the truth is, major change begins by practicing small steps. And just as the domino effect can create negative results, an uplifting domino effect, like recycling, can create a healthy revolution with lasting positive implications.

So if you are interested in saving money while helping the environment, listen up. The time is now. Look around, and use your awareness to pick up on ways that you can make a difference. If you are not sure where to start, there are many pages on benefits-of-recycling that can point the way.

Recycling Prices / The Nitty Gritty

recycling prices

In most of the cases, the process of recycling unwanted/used products still remains economically feasible when compared to manufacturing new products from scratch.

The picture to the left is a countertop manufactured with recycled glass. Photo is by Jeepwran.-

Items delivered for the purpose of collecting money range from paper, PET bottles, computers, tires, and ink cartridges.

Visit the pages on this site for more specific information on aluminum recycling prices and copper recycling prices.

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Recycling Prices / Curbside Programs

As the statistics from The Office of Solid Waste of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency show, a well-run curbside recycling program can cost, under general circumstances, between $50 to $150 per every ton. On the other hand, the data shows quite clearly that trash collection, as well as other disposal programs, involve a cost of anywhere between $70 to $200 per each ton.

recycling pricesQuoting the data, the experts have shown that even though the space for improvement still remains, recycling can really incredibly cost-effective, in its present form.

The picture on the left represents a small blanket crocheted with a material which was manufactured with recycled plastic bags. Photo is by Gooseflesh.-

One of the most encouraging facts lies in recycling glass and plastic products.

In both the cases, the procedure becomes economically viable.

Manufacturing glass and plastic products from scratch uses many times more energy than by remanufacturing with recycled glass and plastic.

And in many cases the consumer would not be able to tell the difference if the item was not labeled “recycled.”

Recycled items are a wonderful way for the consumer to save, as well, since the low cost of manufacturing the product is passed on to the customer.


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