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Recycling Slogans / Which One Works For You?


recycling slogans

Are you passionate about recycling and helping the environment? Are you thinking of starting a website or organization that is focused on educating the public about recycling benefits?

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First of all, good for you! The planet needs as much support as possible to help it survive and fight the effects of misuse and ignorance.

Recycling Slogans / What’s your niche?

Part of the process of building your foundation is understanding what your focus (or niche) is. Many have admirable aims, but how you present those aims will have a huge impact on whether or not you will be successful.

Recycling Slogans / First Things First

One of the first things you may want to consider is having a recycling slogan that your site, movement or organization centers around. Slogans have been used for years by a multitude of businesses to create a buzz about whatever the business or organization is trying to sell and/or promote.

recycling slogans

Humorous slogans are very popular because we all like to feel good. But, when it comes to recycling slogans, studies reveal that humor is not a good way to go.

The recycling slogans (and more) to the left can be found at MidPoint.

Recycling is more of a movement than a product, and so when selecting a slogan it is important to keep in mind the image you are conveying about your organization. Serious issues like global warming and lack of clean water are going to be at the forefront of your overall message.
Are You Serious?

Since these issues are “serious” it is probably a good idea to keep this in mind when spreading the word about your organization. Nobody likes to be preached to, but the truth is your message is educational.

There are a myriad of recycling statistics and interesting recycling facts, and studies show that people are looking for this information at an all time high level. This is great news.

Individuals are not using ignorance as an excuse any more. There really is no excuse not to recycle. With the onslaught of the Internet, current and viable information on recycling is there for the asking.

Be Creative

So what angle do you use if humor is not the best path and you don’t want to come off as the Recycling Police? Try being creative. Think like a kid.

Remember when you were in grade school and you had to come up with a poster for “how to prevent forest fire?” The teacher gave you a piece of poster board and a box of crayons and then left you on your own.

I don’t know about you but some of the posters that these kids came up with were awesome. The imagination is less cluttered with “stuff” when you’re a kid, and so many times a really great idea is unleashed in the form of artwork or slogans.

The Stats and Suggestions

The easy-to-read, factual slogan achieved an increase of 8% popularity among the world population in a recent survey. So while implementing creativity, throw in a little-known fact to arouse interest and spark curiosity.

In most of the cases slogans appear in places such as park benches, telephone poles, bulletin boards in community centers, picnic tables, litter receptacles, recycling containers, etc. In some cases an online guide is available, as well, explaining the ways to implement various office recycling programs.

Recycling slogans have clever and catchy one-liners, colorful pictures, and unique design elements.

When implementing your project into gear, think of events that would best serve your cause. Once you have organized your presentation, while incorporating your slogan, get out there and start spreading the word. Some events you might want to think about are as follows: street rallies, bicycle parades, green concerts, essays and poster competitions in schools, and sponsored tree plantings.

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