Solar Energy for Homes

Even though solar energy is thought to be the next best thing to sliced bread we will discuss the advantages of solar energy and the disadvantages of solar energy. These pages will also provide you with information about how solar energy works, the different types of solar energy and how energy from the sun can be used to make everyday products like batteries.

Solar Energy for Homes / Saving the Environment

More and more households are looking into utilizing solar energy to reduce costs and to help save the environment. Although solar energy systems may be quite expensive, it allows them to lower their utility bills as well as protect themselves from future increases of energy prices.

Furthermore, there are home solar energy systems available through rebate programs and these often allow homeowners to be eligible for tax credits, feed-in-tariffs and even grants. When it comes to saving the environment, solar energy systems can contribute greatly to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, a 1-kilowat system can keep as much as 300 pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Solar Energy for Homes / Researching Companies

There are many different companies that offer solar energy systems for homes. Before you choose one, find out everything there is to know about the provider as well as the products you are considering.

First, you need to make sure that the supplier you are considering has the required accreditation for installing solar equipment. Then, schedule an appointment for consultation so you can find out whether you have sufficient sunny space in your home to collect enough solar power and if your roof is strong enough to support an entire system.

During your consultation, you need to discuss your budget and your energy requirements. This would allow them to give necessary recommendations on what size should be installed as well as where specific products will be placed.

As soon as recommendations have been made, ask about warranty periods for each part of the system as well as labor costs. Also ask about what type of metering device will be installed and if monitoring devices or software will be provided.

Solar Energy for Homes / Are Rebates or Credits Available?

When you are already satisfied with all the details your supplier gives you regarding the solar energy system that you need, ask about additional services such as assistance in government processes and application for rebates as well as coordination with local energy retailers for buy-back incentives. All these details need to be sorted out before you make a decision to purchase a system and have it installed in your home.

Residential solar energy systems differ according to the requirements of each home. Homes that are already serviced by utility companies use grid-connected solar energy systems that generate enough energy for residential consumption and ensure that any excess energy generated flow back into electricity grids, allowing homeowners to earn solar energy credits. These grid-connected residential systems vary in production capacities depending on the energy requirements of each household as well as how much space can be allotted for solar panels. Homes that are located in remote areas, on the other hand, make use of stand-alone solar energy systems.

Apart from systems that generate solar energy for homes, there are other solar products that are beneficial for residential use. These include solar hot water systems, solar pool heaters and blankets, and solar-powered lighting for indoor and outdoor use.


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