Solar Energy Grants

Even though solar energy is thought to be the next best thing to sliced bread we will discuss the advantages of solar energy and the disadvantages of solar energy.

These pages will also provide you with information about how solar energy works, the different types of solar energy and how energy from the sun can be used to make everyday products like batteries.

Solar Energy Grants / The United States

Grants for solar energy serve a very useful purpose because the more renewable energy devices and appliances we install the better it is for the environment and the planet as a whole. Many governments including the US Federal government recognize that incentives and grants are now a necessity for the proper and widespread implementation of renewable energy policies.

The renewable energy industry is booming and swelling under the Obama administration’s tidal wave of spending. Tens of billions of US dollars are being spent on this policy and its incentives. Such grants on solar energy are now seen as essential and necessary policy.

This policy is seen to help reduce the effects of global warming and dependency on fossil fuels. Of course it also helps that it can be a vehicle for fixing the global economy. These grants will allow you to live in your house and drive your car using the cheapest, environmentally friendly, and most efficient sources of energy.

For more specific information about which grants may be available check out the U.S. Department of Energy’s official website.

Solar Energy Grants / Europe

Grants are available from several organizations that encourage the use and installation of solar panels for home and residential use. These schemes are available to households both private and public but are not available for businesses, commercial, and profit making organizations. These programs are conceived to demonstrate and prove the viability and affordability of programs for solar panels, energy efficiency, and micro generation to create low carbon footprint buildings.

To avail of these grants for residential and home use solar panels you will need to have them installed by a certified installer or technician.

To find out how to receive an application for a solar energy grant in Europe go to

Solar Energy Grants / Australia

In Australia savings of thousands of dollars are literally possible through their programs of rebates, subsidies, and grants for off grid, grid connected, solar hot water, or solar pumping systems if you qualify.

Australian programs allow for rebates from your home solar power program. If you live in remote area and use wind and solar power equipment for off grid use you can get up to fifty percent rebate. If you are a business organization then you might also be eligible for huge tax breaks, feed in tariffs, and major rebates. By the way a feed in tariff is a premium rate paid to you for electricity you generate by a rooftop solar panel and fed back into the main grid.

Find out which Australian companies have received grants and what they are doing with them by visiting the Alternative Energy Blog.


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