Sustainability Ideas

Sustainability is the ability to maintain a certain status or process in existing systems. The most frequent use of the term “sustainability” is connected to biological or human systems in the context of ecology. The ability of an ecosystem to function and maintain productivity for a prolonged period is also sustainability.

Living a sustainable lifestyle is one way to help. In this series pages we will go into what sustainability has to with ecology, recycling, water, and more. We will also reveal what some companies (like Petsmart and Disney) are doing to make a difference by operating their businesses in a sustainable way.

Sustainability Ideas / Are You Sacrificing or Benefiting?

Many people think that living sustainably means making sacrifices but, in fact, most practices for sustainability can actually enhance human life. People who observe greener practices can dramatically lower their bills and, in the long run, live healthier lives as well as gain more benefits from nature.

Much of the greenhouse gas we generate today are emitted from cars and other forms of transportation. For this reason, it would help to walk or use a bicycle for short distances and use public transportation whenever possible. Also, try carpooling with others if you know you’re heading to the same area.

Sustainability Ideas / Sustainability Tips for the Home

Apart from lowering greenhouse gas emissions from cars, there’s a lot you can do to live sustainably both at home and in the workplace. Listed below are some simple things you can do that can benefit both you and the Earth greatly.

1) Use Water Wisely

Install water-efficient fixtures and appliances. Also, run them only when necessary. Other things you can do include using greywater diverters and catching rainwater for other activities. If you have a garden, use mulch and choose plants that don’t require much water.

2) Manage Your Waste

Separate solid waste that you can reuse from those that can be sent to recycling plants. Also, collect your organic waste for compost. If you manage your waste well, you be able to send only what’s necessary to landfills.

3) Use Energy Intelligently

If possible use energy-efficient appliances and switch them off when they are not in use. Also, use energy-efficient bulbs especially in rooms that are used most often. If you can afford it, invest in a solar-powered hot water system.

Sustainability Ideas / Sustainability Tips for the Workplace

1) Reduce Energy Consumption

Turn off all electrical equipment that are not in use and set your air-conditioning to run only during office hours. Also, take advantage of natural light. Don’t keep window blinds closed so that fewer bulbs will be switched on.

2) Reduce Water Consumption

Use energy/water conserving plumbing devices that use up only about 4 liters of water per minute, dual-flush toilets that consume only 4.5 liters per full flush, and urinals that don’t flush continuously. Also, have leaks fixed as soon as they are discovered.

3) Manage Your Waste

Manage waste at the workplace just as you would at home. Send only what is necessary to landfills and recycle everything that you can. Also, reduce the amount of resources that you use.

4) Manage Your Paper Use

Use printers with double-sided printing capabilities and make sure you use duplex as the default setting. Whenever possible, print two pages on each side of the paper. You can also use scrap paper when printing drafts.

Following the tips above will be beneficial to all that practice them. Observing sustainability practices at home can reduce electricity and water bills greatly. The same goes at the workplace where operational costs can lower dramatically. More importantly, these practices will help save the Earth.


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