Washington Dept. of Ecology

It’s difficult to think and talk ‘green‘ without thinking about ecology and our ecosystem. But how we we define ecology?

What is the history of ecology, what is the ecology symbol, and what are the problems associated with ecology?

All these questions and more are important if one wants to venture into living green and helping the environment. So if this describes at least one of your life goals, you are at the right place.

Washington Dept. of Ecology / The Missions Revealed

The Washington Dept. of Ecology is an environmental regulatory agency for the State of Washington. It was created in 1971. The department administers laws and regulations pertaining to the areas of water quality, water rights and water resources, shoreline management, toxics clean-up, nuclear waste, hazardous waste and air quality.

The Washington Dept. of Ecology also conducts monitoring and scientific assessments. In other words, the mission of the Department of Ecology is to protect, preserve and enhance Washington’s environment by promoting the wise management of its air, land and water resources for the benefit of current and future generations.

In order to fulfil its mission and move Washington forward in a global economy, the Washington Dept. of Ecology has three goals:

• Prevent pollution
• Clean up pollution
• Support sustainable communities and natural resources

Ecology consists of ten major environmental management programs:

Mission: To protect, preserve, and enhance the air quality of Washington to safeguard public health and the environment and support high quality of life for current and future generations.

Mission: To measure and assess environmental conditions in Washington State.

Mission: To foster sustainability, prevent pollution and promote safe waste management.

Mission: To lead the effective and efficient cleanup of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Hanford Site, ensure sound management of mixed hazardous wastes in Washington, and protect the state’s air, water, and land at and adjacent to the Hanford Site.

Mission: To work in partnership with communities to support healthy watersheds and promote state-wide environmental interests.

Mission: To protect Washington’s environment, public health, and safety through a comprehensive spill prevention, preparedness, and response program.

Mission: To get and keep contaminants out of the environment.

Mission: To reduce the amount and the effects of wastes generated in Washington State.

Mission: To protect and restore Washington’s waters.

Mission: To manage water resources to meet the current and future needs of the natural environment and Washington’s communities.

Washington Dept. of Ecology / Going Above and Beyond

Apart from above mentioned programs, several other steps are being taken by the department to ensure that Washington’s air, land and water are safe for both people and animals. Ecology interacts with public through Government Management, Accountability and Performance (GMAP) where an in-depth analysis is carried out to improve important decisions regarding protection of human health and the environment. Also, it acknowledges the work of individuals, businesses, and organizations that show leadership, innovation, or extraordinary service in protecting, improving, or cleaning up the environment by honouring them with various awards.

Furthermore, the Washington Department of Ecology has been a leader in the state for building Geographic Information System (GIS) services such as Location Finder, a web service for geoprocessing to assist applicants for environmental permits.

Lastly, the Environmental Performance Partnership Agreement (Agreement) between the Washington Department of Ecology and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which covers many activities of the water, waste and air programs of both of them is another significant step towards conserving the Washington’s environment.

So, all these facts go on to reinforce that Washington Department of Ecology has always been a front runner when it comes to making Washington a better place to live.


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