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Water Conservation Solutions / Go Green

Thinking about going green? Then, why don’t you consider conserving water as part of your going green strategy?

water conservation solutions

Let’s start this exploration with some statistics about water

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70% of our earth is covered with water. Oceans store 97% of the total amount of water on earth, 2% of which is frozen.

Of the freshwater on the planet, about 70% flows in the ground, mostly within half a mile from the surface.

Most of the freshwater is stored in glaciers and icecaps, mainly in the Polar Regions and in Greenland, and it is unavailable.

Water Conservation Solutions / Water is Life

Because of these circumstances, resources of consumable water are very small. The closest estimate to date is that there is about 1 per cent of water on the earth that is suitable for drinking. This is serious, because in many ways water represents life. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, the Hungarian biochemist and Nobel Prize winner for medicine says, “Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.”

Consumable and fresh water is the need of every living being on earth. Humans, animals, other creatures, and agriculture all need water to survive and thrive. Without water our planet would become a vacant and barren wasteland.

And if you are thinking that water scarcity is just an issue in third world countries…think again. “Twenty-one percent of irrigation in the United States is achieved by pumping groundwater at rates that exceed the water’s ability to recharge,” wrote water expert Tony Clarke of the Polaris Institute.

Having water available in its clean and purest form is a blessing, and should be treated with the utmost respect. It is our obligation to save and conserve water as much as we can. In this way we will be helping ourselves and all of humanity.

Below are simple water conservation solutions. And while you practice these water conservation methods give a silent expression of thanks for having the clean water that so many others do not.

Water Conservation Solutions / Simple Things You Can Do

• Take shorter showers.

• Close the tap at once after using the water.

• While brushing, only open the tap when you need water.

• Do not over-water plants.

• Wash your car less frequently and use smaller amounts of water, or use no water when you wash your car.

• Fix leaky pipes immediately upon discovery or ask your plumber to fix them for you and look for possible hidden leaks.

• Slow the flow of water to consume less water, using less energy.

• Operate the washing machine only when you have a full load of laundry.

• Don’t throw towels in the laundry after only one use.

• Run your dishwasher only when you have a full load.

These are some ideas to conserve water. Now, let’s look at what solutions are available on the market that could help you use less water.

Water Conservation Solutions / Products Available that Help the Cause

• Use the water efficient taps. These taps turn off automatically when not in use.

• Buy appliances that are marked with water efficiency labels. These energy efficient machines use about half the amount of the water as standard appliances.

• Use water efficient showerheads.

Install a dual flush toilet. ….more detail on this below.

• Install aerators, flow regulators, flow restrictors, and pressure-limiting valves to your taps. These measures will minimize the flow of water considerably.

• Purchase washing machines with front-load washing. These machines use much smaller amounts of water compared to the other machines.

• Keep your appliances at the recommended level to ensure greater efficiency.

• Don’t use water to wash your car. Yes, you read that correctly. Find out about this innovative new product at Freedom Waterless and see how it works.

Consider each of these points as a thank you to the planet. When individuals begin to take part in creating a healthier environment, the law of cause and effect will start to spread in a life-enhancing way.

Water Conservation Devices/Dual Flush

The United States, like Australia and many other countries are
experiencing more erratic weather that places a significant strain on
water resources.

This can no longer just be ignored. Any house hold that still uses an
old toilet flushing cistern, should give very serious thought to
converting to dual flush

A dual flush system is probably the single most significant water
saving invention to date.

The Dual Flush toilet that was developed 25 years ago in Australia is
such a success story that it has been mandatory throughout Australia

many years, and most of the country has been retrofitted with Dual
Flush, significantly

reducing the strain on their fresh water supply.

They are now available around the world from different manufacturers.

Further information on Dual flush systems in the United States  >>more

Water Conservation Devices / Toilet Tank Bank

• Worry-free water savings for the lifetime of the toilet. Displaces
0.8 gallons per flush.

• Easy-to-fill, patented air lock and fill valve – no water evaporation

• The Tank Bank™ is the easiest device to use to save water – fill to
top, snap to close and hang in toilet tank

• Every flush saves water with maintenance-free toilet tank
displacement bag; up to 0.8 gallons per flush!

• Constructed of non-corrosive materials that resist microbes & fungal growth

• Anti-evaporation snap/airlock means the bag never needs refilling
and prevents odours.

To find toilet bank tanks go to Green Logic.

Water Conservation Solutions / Sources

WhitSunday Regional Council

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