What is Ecology Sustainability

Each day the sunrises and we begin our daily grind, we inevitably will be in touch with the ecology that surround us. When we run the water to brush our teeth and take our showers, when we get in our vehicles and drive to work, when we come home and check our email on our computers, when we call our friends on our cell phones, and when we dispose of our trash throughout our day.

Ecology Sustainabilty is the study of our earth – it’s relationships with organisms and their environment, and how those relationships affect the planet. There is a lot we can do as a species to help our environment sustain itself. And a great way to begin is to get educated.

What is Ecology Sustainability / The Perils of Modern Society

At the present, it has become obvious that our contemporary, modern society is less than sustainable. Industries and governments are largely exploitative and self-serving. As Industry operates now it will eventually deplete the natural resources that make it productive today. We must turn to the ideas and ideals of ecology and sustainable development to prevent extinction of our species. We must examine the concepts upon which our current unsustainable society is founded upon.

What is Ecology Sustainability / 3 Definitions

There are three definitions of ecology that can be appropriate and relevant to matters and issues of sustainability:

  • The first definition is the branch of biology that deals with the relationship of plants and animals to their environment and with each other.
  • The second definition deals with the sociological aspects of humanity’s relationship to their environment.
  • The third is definition is a relationship of harmony of all living things to their environment.

When we talk about sustainability, we refer to the way a community, a city, or planet deals with its resources. Unthinking and wasteful utilization of a planet’s finite and valuable resources will inevitably lead to depletion. Sustainability can be seen to be a way of using resources that will prolong or even prevent depletion of our most valuable natural resources. There are many ways in which sustainable development can be achieved.

What is Ecology Sustainability / Human Welfare

However, sustainable development must also provide for a certain level of human welfare. Sustainability cannot simply mean rationing of resources. When taken with ideas of morality and judgments about acceptable levels of human welfare and conditions, sustainable development can be an economic and social imperative that maintains a certain level in the human condition.

Living in Harmony

Ecological sustainability can also be seen as a way to live harmoniously with the environment that allows healthy and essential ecological states to be preserved. In this description of ecological sustainability human involvement is not specifically mentioned but the concern lies in how human activities impact the ecology.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

The most common and accepted definition of sustainable development states that sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising future generations capability to meet their own needs.

Therefore there needs to be a balance of what we use and how we use it. This must be a case of justice between our generations and future generations. This means that we must consider both the people’s needs and their quality of life when we think about preserving resources for future generations.

What is Ecology Sustainability / Conclusion

Ecology and sustainability are closely related because for sustainable development to happen there must be a working knowledge of what works in terms of ecology. When talking about a harmonious ecology we cannot simply live like Stone Age savages.

We must also provide a way of life for and a level of human welfare the general population that our consciences and moral ideals dictate to us should be the least common denominator for the human condition in our present state of cultural development.



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