What is Ocean Ecology

It’s difficult to think and talk ‘green‘ without thinking about ecology and our ecosystem. But how we we define ecology?

What is the history of ecology, what is the ecology symbol, and what are the problems associated with ecology? All these questions and more are important if one wants to venture into living green and helping the environment. So if this describes at least one of your life goals, you are at the right place.

What is Ocean Ecology / The Father of Ecology

Ocean ecology is the scientific study of the effects that man and technology are having on the oceans. The world’s oceans represent our planet’s largest potential wild realm–there are still many areas of the deep ocean that have never been seen, explored, or fully mapped by humans.

Scientists have only begun to scratch the surface of the secrets that are held in the depths of the ocean and its inhabitants. Unfortunately, humanity is having a negative impact on the oceans and creating many problems. There are many challenges facing the world today and protecting the oceans and its inhabitants is one of the biggest challenge facing scientists.

What is Ocean Ecology / Dealing With Stress

Oceans are under continual stress from human activity, including overfishing, pollution and coastal development. Climatic change will only go on to exacerbate existing threats and add complex new stresses. The best way to learn what changes need to be made is by understanding how the oceans impact society. The more knowledge scientists acquire the more it will help them find ways to deal with the problems that arise.
What is Ocean Ecology / Pollution

Pollution is one of the biggest ocean ecology problems that scientists are trying to find a solution for today. They are trying to find ways to reduce the pollutants that make their way to the oceans and a way to counteract the changes that have already occurred due to this pollution. Chemicals along with gas, oil and other containments are entering the oceans and destroying the marine life on a regular basis.
What is Ocean Ecology / The Balance of Nature

Ocean ecology has proven that many marine animals are dying and becoming extinct due to these pollutants. Others are getting sick and not reproducing like they ought to which results in fewer numbers than there should be. This changes the balance of nature and shapes the fate of the earth in a negative way. As a result, things are going to be very different for your children and grandchildren if something is not done to reduce the negative impact society is having on the earths oceans.

What is Ocean Ecology / Water Temperature

Pollution is not the only thing that is affecting the oceans of today. Ocean ecology has shown scientists that the water temperature is increasing at an alarming rate. This is contributed to the greenhouse effect and is a great cause for concern. If the oceans continue to deteriorate at the rate they have over the last few decades, the future of the world is in jeopardy.


Ocean ecology is the hope of the future by increasing the awareness of how important the oceans are. It is also the answer to finding solutions to these problems so hopefully some of the damage can be corrected. It is a known fact that no animal or human can live without water. Now is the time to make changes and plan for the future. Even the smallest change can make a difference.



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