What is Population Ecology

It’s difficult to think and talk ‘green‘ without thinking about ecology and our ecosystem. But how we we define ecology?

What is the history of ecology, what is the ecology symbol, and what are the problems associated with ecology? All these questions and more are important if one wants to venture into living green and helping the environment. So if this describes at least one of your life goals, you are at the right place.

What is Population Ecology / Global Warming

Population ecology is a branch of ecology that studies how the population interacts and affects the ecology. As signs of global warming become more and more apparent, people are now studying and looking for ways on how to stop global warming in it’s tracks and help save our planet.

What is Population Ecology / In the Beginning

A long time ago, the earth had a small population. During this early period of civilization, men lived off the fruits of the earth. They hunted animals in order to survive and feed themselves. They ate fruits and vegetables. During this period man took from the earth and the earth was happy to sustain man as it had so much resources.

Then Comes Technology

As time went by, population grew. Men multiplied and so the earth had more mouths to feed, more people to clothe and more heads to shelter. Along with men came technology. At first it was something that made life easier. It made travel faster, communication easier and household chores were no longer a burden. However, the price for technology and advancement is high. Technology did make life easier but it had a very big impact on life as we know it today.

What is Population Ecology / The Beginning of the End

With technology came pollution, denuded forests, dwindling water supply and climate change. Cars made travel faster but they contribute to air pollution because of the poisonous fumes that come out of their exhaust. Laptops, computers and cell phones make talking to loved ones easier and cheaper but the materials needed to create these gadgets pollute our streams, land, and air.

What is Population Ecology / Sustainability

Disposing of these technological wonders is even harder than making them as they are not biodegradable. We live in houses where even garage doors and coffee makers are automatic but in exchange more trees are cut down in order to make room for homes, apartment complex, malls and other “conveniences” man cannot seem to live without.

As the plight of our planet gets more desperate, scientists are paying more attention to man and his direct impact on how the earth’s ecology is slowly changing. Man has a responsibility because as the most intelligent species on this planet, we have a responsibility not only to find ways of stopping the decline of our ecology but also to find ways of embracing sustainability on earth – way that do not overuse or deplete the planet’s natural resources. The balance of population and sustainable ecological growth has to be found in order for man and Mother Nature to harmonize.

What is Population Ecology / Reducing the Carbon Footprint

Research on how to make man’s ecological footprint smaller are currently underway. Studies on how to convert from fossil fuel to alternative forms of energy is also forefront for scientists and ecologists. They are also busy in finding ways to alleviate the effects of climate change as weird weather patterns batter our sensitive planet.

It took a drastic change in the environment in order for man to notice that we are destroying the only place that can sustain human life. It is not too late. The race is on and man seems determined to outdo Mother Nature as she makes her displeasure known to everybody on the planet.



pdf: homepage.mac.com/mcolyvan/papers/PopEcology.pdf

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