What is Recycling?

Recycling is the process of making or manufacturing new products from a product that has originally served its purpose. If these used products are disposed of in an appropriate, environmentally friendly way, the process of recycling has been set in motion.

what is recycling
Items that are made from materials such as aluminum, plastic water bottles, and certain kinds of paper (plus many more) can be separated from your regular trash and put in an appropriate recycling bin.

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A large section of the universe is beginning to realize the importance of recycling. However, there are many members of the population that remain unaware or simply think it is too much of a bother.

We believe the trend is growing, however. And we further believe that proactive individuals and alternative energy companies are beginning to step up in a big way.

What is Recycling / Schools

The role of schools has broadened over the years as awareness of the importance of recycling has deepened. Many programs have been established to teach children to be responsible for their carbon footprint.

When teachers instill in children that their actions will either damage or help the environment, a higher level of consciousness is able to spread throughout the younger generation. We have all heard that children are our future, and when it comes to the health of the planet Earth, that could not be more true.

Teachers are doing much more than lecturing (although rallies are held on a semi-regular basis). Students are given assignments to contact their local congressmen and women and ask for help. If there are not recycling bins for all the different materials (water, glass, Styrofoam, paper, metals, etc.), the kids are instructed to write letters stating their concerns and their desire to help.

Once these seeds are planted, and then nurtured through awareness and education, the kids become active on their own. Revolutions were born this way. And this world is ready for a recycling revolution.

What is Recycling / The Workplace

The workplace allows for many opportunities to be responsible when it comes to helping the environment. And just as the awareness in schools is being raised, it is with businesses all over the world.

what is recyclingOn a smaller scale many businesses are providing clearly marked bins for employees to throw their recyclable trash away.

Energy efficient light bulbs are being used in offices and leaders within businesses offer educational materials on recycling and ways to live sustainably to their employees and in their community.

One such business is Cartridge World in Issaquah, Washington. Ink cartridges are well known for taking hundred of years to disintegrate, and so this company realizes a sincere effort must be made to be responsible.

Recognized as one of the Best Working Recycling Businesses in 2009, a representative of Cartridge World made this statement, ” “In this time of chaos, we all need to save as much money as we can and help to keep our cities clean and green.

Encourage employees to recycle paper and other items in the work place as well. If we all work together we can keep our neighborhoods and cities places we can be proud to call home.”

Many other socially responsible companies are also expanding their businesses by building green and using environmentally friendly means such as solar energy and water conservation.
What is Recycling / The Government Steps Ups

More and more money is being allocated to produce automobiles that do not rely on gasoline for instance. President of the United States, Barak Obama, recently bailed out several American car companies with the stipulation that a major portion of the money be used to created energy efficient cars.

Other countries like Japan are ahead of the United States. But the important point is that conscientious leaders are making a difference.

Many countries like Italy and Australia also offer tax advantages and subsidies to schools and companies that have recycling programs and that use alterative forms of energy to run and grow their business. Legislation is even in motion to promote green and sustainable living in developing countries.
What is Recycling / Bringing it Full Cycle

what is recycling
What do energy efficient cars, solar energy and water conservation have to do with recycling?

All these movements were started to lessen the impact of damage we are inflicting on the environment.

-Photo to the left by TR.ipod

Side effects of not being aware of this impact are global warming, loss of beautiful space given up for landfills, not enough clean water to drink, loss of precious wildlife and plants, plus many more consequence that we are not even privy to …yet.

The time is now – to become aware, to educate ourselves, to take action, and to educate others.

It is our responsibility as inhabitants and co-creators of this planet if we hope to maintain the beauty of our surroundings.
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