Who Makes Electric Cars

Instead of relying on a gasoline engine, an electric car is powered by an electric motor that receives energy from rechargeable battery packs. In other words, instead of gassing up every hundred miles or so, electric car drivers plug in.

Unlike a hybrid car – which uses a battery and motor initially then transfers to gasoline – an electric car is powered exclusively be electricity. Due to the fears of limited driving range and long recharging times, electric vehicles haven’t been widely adopted throughout the U.S. But as battery technology improves, which simultaneously increases energy storage and reduces the vehicle’s cost, things have begun to change.

Major automakers are joining the new generation of electric car building. Luxurious amenities, federal tax credits and other incentives are bringing more car buyers to the EV market. MidwayNissan.com and other Phoenix dealerships are geared up and ready for long-time EV supporters and newly converted drivers to make the switch from conventional to electric.

Electric vs. Gasoline

The pros and cons of electric and gasoline cars vary between convenience, price, environmental impact and preference. According to HybridCars.com, the breakdown is as follows:

No tailpipe emissions
Money goes to local utility company
100 +/- mile range
Takes hours to recharge
Costs 2 cents per mile

Money goes to OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries)
300+ mile range
Takes minutes to refuel
Costs 12 cents +/- per mile

A common concern among drivers is driving range and the possibility of running out of battery power. Unlike a hybrid, EV cars don’t have gas tanks for backup situations. But most electric car owners will tell you remembering to charge your electric car is just as easy as remembering to fuel your gasoline car.

Nissan LEAF driver, Caitilin Walsh, explained to Nissan USA online that when people used to ask her what the range of her electric car was, she was very specific in her answer. Now she’s found her reply to be much simpler, using only one word to describe the range of her Nissan Leaf – “plenty.”

Walsh posted on Nissan USA that planning her days and taking advantage of every charge opportunity makes her sometimes “100-mile days” possible and just as efficient as if she were driving a conventional vehicle.

Ford Focus Electric vs. Nissan LEAF

The Ford Focus Electric and Nissan LEAF are at the top of the new and upcoming electric car’s list. When compared, choosing between the two will come down to driver preference.

Ford took the reliability and comfort of the existing Focus platform and, using Magna technology, developed the Ford Focus Electric. According to EPA standards, the Focus Electric was rated with a 110 MPGe highway rating, 99 MPGe city rating and 105 combined miles per gallon equivalent, according to Digital Trends. In optimal driving conditions, the Focus’s total electric range is 80 miles. With a 23 kWh battery pack and 141 hp, the Focus Electric is the more powerful vehicle between the two. It currently goes for $39,000 before tax incentives.

Unveiled in August 2009, the Nissan LEAF has been dubbed by its makers the “world’s first affordable, zero-emission car,” in a Nissan press release. The LEAF is a medium-size all-electric hatchback, seating five adults and boasting a range of 80 miles. It has a 24 kWh battery and a purpose built shape. With rumored upgrades expected for the 2013 model, the LEAF could surpass its competition and offer up to 25 percent more range. The LEAF starts at $36,500 before government rebates.

There have been numerous startups companies that manufacture electric cars and hybrid cars. Keeping track of all of them is an all but impossible task. The list compiled below is merely a partial one with additional information like range, top speed, and of course price.

Details have been taken from the companies themselves so there has been no confirmation of some details that are included in this list. The specifications given are merely those that the companies have given. This list is compiled according to the release date of the product.

Regardless of the hush-hush nature of these manufacturers, the presence of alternative energy vehicles will become more and more abundant as we dig out heels into the 21st century. So Cadillac, GMC, Honda, and all the others will continue to do their part to put their best foot (green car) forward.

Who Makes Electric Cars / Tango T600

Commuter Cars –Tango T600: this car is about half the width of an ordinary car and perhaps two T600’s can fir in one lane. This model can accelerate rapidly. Future models and versions will be designed to be cheaper and will have extended ranges. This is an all electric model designed for a range of up to 80 miles and a top speed of 150 mph. it is available now for a cool $108,000.

Electric Cars / IT Sedan

Dynasty Electric Car Co. –IT Sedan: this all electric car is produced in five different models that look almost identical with relatively minor differences in the frame. It can go 30 miles without recharging at a top speed of 24 mph. It is already in the market at the present with a price of $19,000.

Who Makes Electric Cars / Electric Van

Modec – Electric Van: these vehicles are actually utility vehicles like the ones you see delivering supplies to your grocery and are all electric. These are available today at a price of $41,000. They have a range of 100 miles with a top speed of 50 mph.

Who Makes Electric Cars / NMG

Myers Motors- NMG (No More Gas): this all electric single-seater has a limited range of 30 miles at which it can go to reaching a top speed of 75 mph. The only thing this guy has going for it is that it’s available today at a price of $35,000.

Electric Cars / Fetish

Venturi – Fetish: this high end all electric sports car made in Monaco sells for $435,000 is available today. It has a range of 150 miles and a top speed of 100 mph. Venturi is developing two other models simultaneously the Eclectic and the Astrolab.

Who Makes Electric Cars / The Roadster

Tesla Motors- The Roadster: this company is probably the most hyped and talked about electric car company in the world. The roadster is an all electric vehicle sold at a price of $98,000. It can go 221 miles before needing to be recharged. Top speed is said to be 125 mph.


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