Who Makes Hybrid Cars

Now the fuel prices are spiraling higher the popularity of hybrid cars and alternative energy vehicles is steadily also on the rise. At first hybrid car manufacturers offered hybrid only models. As these green cars gained popularity and entered the mainstream personal transportation market, hybrid car manufacturers soon started to offer hybrid power for some of their most popular products.

Who Makes Hybrid Cars / Honda

In 1999 Honda revolutionized the hybrid car manufacturers market with the release of the Honda Insight. The Civic has now made an entry into the hybrid car market which is touted by the Environmental Protection Agency as having the highest fuel economy in its class, with a fuel economy rating of 48 mpg city and 47 mpg highway even using an automatic transmission. Equipped with a manual transmission the Civic gets 46 mpg city and 51 mpg highway.

Another addition by Honda to the hybrid car market is the perennially popular Accord. Honda is hoping that the release of the Accord will boost already solid sales. The Accord equipped with a V6 engine with 255 horsepower and increased fuel efficiency. Early performance tests indicate 37 mpg on the highway and 29 mpg on city.

Who Makes Hybrid Cars / General Motors

Another hybrid car manufacturer aiming to get on the hybrid bandwagon is General Motors. GM released the Sierra 1500 extended cab in 2005 with hybrid capability in its2 wheel drive and four wheel drive configurations. The hybrid version has a Vortec 5300 V8 engine which is said to have up to 10 percent gas savings over conventionally powered models without sacrificing performance.

Who Makes Hybrid Cars / Ford

In 2004 Ford introduced the Ford Escape. It was the first hybrid SUV. Ford said at the time that choosing fuel efficiency did not mean making sacrifices so the Escape featured the same options that the regular Escape had like leather seats, premium audio systems, and an intelligent four wheel drive system.

However the Escape Hybrid offered features not found in non-hybrid models like the Hybrid Energy Navigation System, a 110-volt power outlet, and a few differences in appearance unique to the Escape Hybrid. This vehicle gets 31 mpg at city and 36 mpg highway.
Hybrid Cars / Toyota

One of the most innovative hybrid car manufacturers around is Toyota. Their engines have a history of being tweaked for alternative energy sources including electricity and compressed natural gas. Toyota has since perfected the “strong hybrid technology” which gives the benefits of the parallel hybrid with the advantages of a series hybrid.

This technology is a breakthrough of two Toyota technologies, the power split device and advanced energy management system. The Toyota Prius incorporates and showcases both of these technologies.


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